Bring Me Home

2019 [KOREAN]

Drama / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 291

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lovell-570-701749 5 / 10

The acting skills are brilliant but the plot... meh

Lee Young-ae's performing skills really tell that she's a good actress! However, the plot wasn't making much sense. Felt like it could have been much better if the plot were altered.

Reviewed by ks-60500 6 / 10

Unusual bring me home

I would say this missing son theme movie had been filmed million times and ending always the same. The unusual ending makes me rate up a bit. For the process, it's not too bad to watch but not very intense though. Li act is indescribable always.

Reviewed by TheDennisBergkampFan 5 / 10

Woman walks like a zombie for close to 2 hours. The End.

I must have watched over 50 Korean movies but this is my first time writing a review for one. The tragedy is that I am writing a review for the worst movie in that lot. Korean movies are generally fantastic for their unabashed violence and realistic portrayal. Bring me home is a disgrace to Korean cinema. The entire plot can be explained in a single sentence, Woman walks around like a zombie for 2 hours. That's the whole movie.

Generally Korean Cinema is so good that you will find more than a few subtitles for every movie. This one is so bad that they couldn't find anyone who was willing to sit through it and transcribe the audio. The only subtitles available for this one is the Google translated one. Google translate is a fantastic tool to be honest. If the character is saying, "What is your name?" Google translate will translate it something like, What name is you?

The basic plot of the movie had potential but the lady who plays the lead is so dull that she kills off any desire you would have to watch it. If I was her child even I would want to get myself kidnapped just so that I wouldn't have to spend another day with her. Lets hope this is her last movie ever. Nothing good can come from her continuing to act. She is like the Paula Patton of Korean cinema. Just a serious waste of 2 hours.

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