Broadcasting Christmas


Comedy / Drama / Family

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Richard Kline as Stanley Morgan
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Susan Shalhoub Larkin as Shirley Henderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

Love is in the air

There has never been any bias for or against Hallmark Christmas films. Actually think there are a mix of good, bad (and worse in some cases) and somewhere between mediocre and decent, so it's a variable output really. One just needs to know what to expect and not to expect too much. Have always appreciated romantic dramas with touches of comedy, so yeah 'Broadcasting Christmas' was hardly one of those doomed from the start sort of films.

'Broadcasting Christmas' lived up to and exceeded mixed expectations, as it could have gone either way of being charming and cute or being sickly sweet and cheesy. And it manages on the most part to be the former while still having some degree of substance. 2016 was inconsistent in quality for Hallmark and 'Broadcasting Christmas' is one of the better efforts in my personal opinion. Anybody that loves Christmas and wants a pleasant inoffensive distraction on a dull afternoon may find it likeable enough and while not great it's nice enough.

Did find that the story can be slow and too thin, as well as contrived, in spots, and the supporting characters are sketchy in development. This tends to be a common Hallmark problem so that was not unexpected.

Likewise with the music tending to be too intrusive. Have found more than once with Hallmark that their soundtracks are on the too intrusive and too constant side. Still find that the case here, though there have been worse cases before and since.

However, a lot is good. Melissa Joan Hart and Dean Cain are always watchable and they certainly are here, both in fact being very appealing. Hart particularly in a role that plays to her strengths as an actress very well indeed, with a quirky warmth. Cain does the boy next door type of character with easy going charm. The chemistry between them is sweet and natural, not looking creepy. The supporting cast also fare more than decently, especially Jackee Harry who breathes life into her material.

Visually, 'Broadcasting Christmas' is good looking. It's beautifully photographed and the scenery is quite captivating. The dialogue flows better and more naturally than the dialogue in most Hallmark films and doesn't fall as much into cheese and soap. The story is very light-hearted and really warms the heart, despite its predictability, and the characters never bored or irritated despite being Hallmark cliches pretty much.

Concluding, pleasant enough film. 7/10.

Reviewed by studioAT 5 / 10

Sabrina meets Superman!

I always think after two long runs on 'Sabrina' and 'Melissa and Joey' Melissa Joan Hart deserves more recognition than she gets, so it's nice to see her pop up in this Hallmark Christmas film alongside Dean Cain (a man who also knows a lot about being a 90's teen icon).

I thought this was good, with some lovely sweet moments along the way. The two leads have nice chemistry and the story holds up - two main ingredients/must have's for me in this sort of film.

Well worth a watch.

Reviewed by pennyelenabooks 3 / 10

Not good enough

The movie had some nice touches and a good idea behind it, but it didn't provide. The romance was weak and the couple didn't have chemistry. The story was predictable too and it didn't really follow the christmas spirit.

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