Broken Arrow


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 53%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
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John Travolta as Maj. Vic 'Deak' Deakins
Christian Slater as Capt. Riley Hale
Samantha Mathis as Terry Carmichael
Frank Whaley as Giles Prentice
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rambofan4life 10 / 10

One of my personal favorite action movies my second favorite John Woo film

Broken Arrow (1996) is my personal favorite John Woo underrated action film that I love to death. John Travolta and Christian Slater are in their finest roles in this breathtaking John Woo rollercoaster action movie. This is "Die Hard" in the desert and I absolutely enjoy this movie so much. It has incredible music score theme from Hans Zimmer. It is wonderfully directed by John Woo, it has a wonderful pacing and It has a great paced on to a fight in the finale. I enjoy this movie MILES more than Face/Off the most overrated John Woo film. Broken Arrow is my action movie from the 90's that I watch constantly.

The stunt work in here is very dangerous and all practical real, for example Christian Slater's character is right above the ground shooting the helicopter and you see the helicopter hops right over him and Samantha Mathis one in the same shoot. The helicopter almost cut Samantha Mathis legs if Christian Slater wouldn't pulled he away she would have been almost cut, that stunt was for real and it was real dangerous. This is my movie and I like practical effects and stunts that are done for real. Christian Slater run's while John Travolta and Howie Long are trying to run over him with a army jeep Am General HMMWV M1043 and Christian Slater jumps on the back of the jeep and John Travolta hit's the back of the jeep HMMWV M1043 in front that army jeep. That stunt was real and it was really dangerous. Christian Slater did his own stunts. No CGI or fancy editing that was all done for real a lot of dangerous stunts in this. It is an adrenaline rush and an underrated film. No one talks about it today.

I think it is the most underrated in the action genre. John Travolta in my opinion is a finest actor I love his work; I love his movies he is my favorite actor. This was the second US movie that John Woo directed and yes it was really good done action movie. I love John Travolta in this movie which I think he did one of his best acting performances of his life. This is not only John Woo favorite film of mine but is also Christian Slater's favorite film. I absolutely love his character Capt. Riley Hale.

I love the finale, I love the sequence on a train where Hale cut's the helicopter power line and when a pilot try's to fly off and Deakins seas gas spiting on a floor and the pilot starts the chopper and Deakins yelles "Cut the power" and the pilot shows such a weird look and when he pushes the button, the chopper blows up, killing the bad guys to pieces. I love the train sequences. I love how Christian Slater kills on a train one of the bad guys, he stands right before Terry and he jumps grabs the gun and shoots the bad guy right between her legs.

The guns are used well in this movie and you will see them a lot. The explosions are fantastic in this movie. No CGI no shaky cam this is perfect underrated action movie that I love to death!

10/10 I love it to death! I love this movie to death. I own the Blu-ray disc, btw this was very hard and difficult to get on Blu-ray. Hard Target was easy this movie wasn't easy to get. John Woo, John Travolta and Christian Slater all did a wonderful job.

Reviewed by bhyrrus 8 / 10

Probably John Woo's finest film

Having seen Hard Target I had quite high expectations of this film and it did not quite live up to what I was expecting, but this is still a solid action movie nonetheless. John Travolta plays a creepy and violent fighter pilot intent on stealing a nuclear bomb, but enough about the silly plot. Lets just say it feels good when he finally gets killed. There is a girl who plays a park ranger who gets sucked into the chaotic events and she's OK but there are no sex scenes. The special effects are dated and unusual rather than impressive, but overall this is a well paced film with never a boring moment.

Reviewed by a_chinn 6 / 10

Disappointing by John Woo standards, but solid by US action film standards

Hong Kong action maestro John Woo's most bland of American action films. It's not a bad action flick and is actually better than most, but it's a pretty dull script about corrupt US military man John Travolta trying to steal a nuclear warhead and his subordinate, Christian Slater, trying to stop him with the help of a plucky park ranger, Samantha Mathis, which make me want to consider this film a sequel to "Pump Up the Volume." The action is decent and there are Woo trademarks like two gun, Mexican standoffs, enemies back-to-back on opposite sides of a wall, etc. but it feels like he's just going through the motions. The studio supposedly heavily re-cut the film and maybe there exists a director's cut that's much better. Disappointing for a John Woo film, but satisfying enough by Hollywood action film standards.

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