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Saoirse Ronan as Eilis
Domhnall Gleeson as Jim Farrell
Emory Cohen as Tony
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lisacarlson 10 / 10


Two-time Academy Award Nominee Saoirse Ronan is as extraordinary as she is beautiful in Brooklyn. Set in the 1950s a young Irish woman is torn between her homeland and the United States. Her character has ambition and romance on her mind. She's strong and smart. The cast here maybe mostly unrecognizable but is superb. Especially handsome Emory Cohen who plays Tony. It's about family, respect, hard work, the things we love, ambition and most of all romantic love. It is a treasure trove of a movie about the the things we value most in life. It's perfect for a Sunday afternoon and brings enchantment. If only there were more movies like this one.

Reviewed by amheretojudge 7 / 10

that this is where your life is..


Even though the issues interfered here is light as a chip, the suave tone of it which was set from the first frame gives it enough gravitas to meddle the emotions and feelings of the audience. Brooklyn is a light drama feature that raises some genuine family and society issues in a mild and amusing tone with enough material to feed the audience. John Crowley gets it right this time and his execution is plausible here along with Nick's tight adaptation from the novel and perfectly edited feature with reasonable runtime. And in the end, it is a captain's cruise and Saoirse Ronan sails it through each and every phase offering comfortable ride to the viewers with a great supporting cast like Domhnall. Brooklyn's short runtime, fast paced screenplay, majestic performance and a perfect execution favors in all accounting it into far better than one could have expected.

Reviewed by krocheav 9 / 10

Brooklyn Surprises All The Way

Brooklyn is one of those movies you think might possibly be passed over in this era of CGI action fodder. Only to find it has become a record breaker of its genre. Perhaps screenplay writer, Nick Hornby and director, John Crowley may never top the level of perfection they have achieved with this mature production. Neither of these men lived through the 50's - yet have avoided falling into the trap of adding too many 'modern' touches - creating a near perfect representation of the life and times of that era. Art direction and cinematography add further important creative technical touches. Young Saoirse Ronan does wonders with her important role as Eilis, an Irish girl facing the challenging step of leaving home and country - to start a new life in a strange land.

With a flawless cast this often sad tale is brought to the screen with all the nuances of real-life sparklingly intact. Good to see the always reliable Jim Broadbent being used to good advantage. Congratulations are certainly due to all involved with transferring Colm Toibin's descriptive novel to the cinema (and maybe even adding helpful touches along the way). A rich addition to the overall impact comes from Canadian composer Michael Brook's truly beautiful score.

Strong recommendation for lovers of quality motion pictures examining the morals, difficulties, and times, of those who went before us.

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