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Natalie Portman as Grace Cahill
Bailee Madison as Isabelle Cahill
Jake Gyllenhaal as Tommy Cahill
Carey Mulligan as Cassie Willis
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Reviewed by Mike_Devine 5 / 10

There have been better wartime dramas

2009's wartime family drama 'Brothers' was almost manufactured to be an Oscar contender. From its A-list cast to the raw, gritty themes it explores, the Jim Sheridan-directed film had all the elements that could earn it lots of accolades. Except, perhaps, an original, compelling story.

What we have here is a film that focuses on the strengths of its actors rather than pulling together a cohesive final product. We see Tobey Maguire's Marine Captain Sam Cahill in and out of combat, putting a strain on his wife, Grace (Natalie Portman) and daughters. We see Sam's troubled brother, Tommy (Jake Gyllenhaal) deal with alcoholism and unemployment. We see the tension that ensues when Sam returns home from Afghanistan after being feared dead - and the relationship between his wife and brother seems to have grown in his absence.

Again, it's really all about the acting in 'Brothers.' Maguire does an admirable job of showing what the horrors of war can do to people, and his performance shines a light on the problem that PTSD is for many. Gyllenhaal plays a convincing deadbeat who is irresponsible and down on his luck. And Portman gives what is perhaps the best performance of her career up to that point. But all of these seem to be done in silos, and despite the way the script is written - where all three characters are intertwined - there is a total lack of chemistry.

Sure, there are plenty of scenes that are powerful or really hit home. But they all happen in silos. They don't weave together seamlessly like they should. Yes, the climax is a gripping few minutes. But one scene a movie does not make.

'Brothers' is hard-hitting, dark and messy. It's a tour de force of acting. But overall, it's a mediocre movie at best.

Reviewed by Floated2 7 / 10

Different take on war drama

Brothers is apparently a tough war drama starring Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal. Much of this story is familiar. There is the father who loves one son, but is ashamed of the other. Tommy (Jake Gyllenhaal) blames his father for his brother's supposed death, filling Sam's (Tobey Maguire) head with a lot of military and patriotic nonsense. Tommy represents the Hollywood view of the war in this movie, while Sam and Hank represent the Red States. This is not an intellectual conflict, but an emotional one, and it plays out in an extremely intense scene.

From an acting standpoint, it is quite well. Gylleenhaal steals most of his scenes he's in as his character was more intriguing than Maguire's, though they both do well. As well as Natalie Portman as the wife of Maguire,The direction and production values are very good, but the story does seem to end a bit abruptly. Overall, Brothers may have been overlooked upon its release, it was better than one expected.

Reviewed by Davis P 7 / 10

Solid acting but troubling morality

OK my feelings about this film is a mixed bag. First of all, I have to say that the acting from everyone involved especially Maguire is very solid, really intense and explosive at times. Portman and Gylanhaal are good too, it's just that Tobey Maguire has the moments that are much more intense and his acting ability is showcased. The dialogue was very good and told us a lot about the characters. Character depth was very deep and real in this film, which is good since it's such a crucial thing in a film of this kind. The movie has a whole lot in its favor and those things should be recognized and praised. The thing that just really bothers me about the movie though is the very ending. A character does something horrible earlier in the movie and yes I understand they were in an extremely difficult situation, but what they did was absolutely horrible and I see absolutely no justification for it. The movie closes with an unclear answer on whether that person will get off on it or not, but I certainly hope not, because what they did has affected others and was just awful. So overall, a well made drama but this once character's morality was very screwed up and that disturbs me very much because it was such an unjustifiable act. Watch and see if you agree. 7/10.

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