Brutal Bridesmaids


Comedy / Drama / Romance / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.0 10 162

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cbarrettusa 1 / 10

Boring and stupid

This is so far below Lifetime movie standards. Bad acting by all. Obnoxious music overlay. Paper-thin plot. Lots of "filler" scenes like trying on countless dresses. By the end you didn't care who lived or died. The screenwriter should have his laptop confiscated. The director should just be ashamed.

Reviewed by lmnclips 3 / 10

Is this a thriller or a reality tv show?

So many flaws in this movie, as to name a few. There was too much drama and arguing over petty stuff. Like for example when one of the bridesmaids had taken a photo of one the other women, and she got upset for some reason. So much arguing that it felt like I was watching a reality tv show that one of my sisters watch. There was a few other fights and arguments, but this was the most memorable one since I hardly paid any attention to this dumb "thriller". Aside from that, I have a ton of other complaints. Like how obnoxiously loud and overpowering the music was. I mean, has lifetime not looked back at their other movies to know that they should NOT make the background music so overly loud? The plot was extremely convoluted and confusing and the characters were too unlikable to care less about what happened to any of them. And my last thing to talk about is the usual "climatic" lifetime movie scene. The ending was weak and anticlimactic, so much so that I couldn't wait for the dumb movie to end.


Reviewed by deedrala 1 / 10

Possibly the worst acting and direction I've ever seen

Not worth wasting much time to review this turkey - suffice to say that everything was horrible, to the point I finally yelled at the TV: "Are you kidding me with this?!"

Bad from start to finish, beginning with the ridiculous title and loud over-powering soundtrack that drowned out half the dialogue.

The direction looked as if it was done by a 10 year old. The acting by everyone - including the detective in her few scenes - was so bad it should be illegal. Slow-paced and boring beyond belief. Painfully endless teenage-girl-ish yammering, laughing, bickering, and hugging. And drinking.

Hardly anything even happened other than their drunken giggling parties. The bride "saw some white powder on the sleeve of her dress" at the bridal shop when a few of them got a rash which didn't last long, and one of them couldn't breathe but then she was fine. SO lame and I kept waiting for something to happen that was meant to sabotage the impending wedding, but the few harmless bits here and there were like an after-thought instead of the main plot theme. When the bland villain and their insanely weak "motive" was revealed at the end, I was too busy yawning and fighting sleep to care.

The entire thing was pure torture. Avoid at any cost - trust me.

Grade F - 1 out of 10

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