Brute Corps


Action / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.6 10 167

Keywords:   desert, mercenary, machine gun, marine

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 7 / 10

I am an animal! I am an animal!

"Brute Corps" is a solidly entertaining little film that deserves to be better known by exploitation film fans. It's got an intriguing story going for it: two hippie-like hitchhikers, draft dodging pacifist Kevin (Joseph Kaufmann, "Private Duty Nurses"), and comely, free spirited blonde Terry (Jennifer Billingsley, "White Lightning") encounter a group of men who happen to be mercenaries. One of the merc's is a sleazy creep named Wicks (Alex Rocco, "The Godfather") who madly lusts after Terry, even wanting to take her along on their next mission. So this merry bunch of men ends up competing to see who can claim possession of the girl. While she's being mistreated, Kevin slips away and tries to motivate the ineffectual local sheriff (Joseph Bernard, "Judgment at Nuremberg") into action. There are some unexpectedly poignant moments in this enjoyably trashy and decently paced flick, and as directed by TV veteran Jerry Jameson, whose feature credits also include "The Bat People" and "Raise the Titanic", the film also shows off some impressive scenery. The story takes place in Mexico, and the merc's hole up in an abandoned rock quarry, so this makes for an effective rural setting. The music by Jack Walker is a little too jaunty at times for some of the scenes, but for the most part it works out alright. Exploitation lovers will be satisfied to note that there is at least a little bit of nudity, from both Kaufmann and Billingsley. Her mistreatment at the hands of Wicks is suitably depraved, especially as he forces her to utter that interesting refrain that forms the summary of this review. The acting ensemble in this thing is very watchable, and it also features Paul Carr ("Truck Stop Women") as Ross, the most humane and reasonable of the merc's, Charles Macaulay ("Blacula") as the Colonel leading the group, Roy Jenson ("Soylent Green") as Quinn, Michael Pataki ("Zoltan: Hound of Dracula") as MacFarlane, Felton Perry ("Magnum Force") as Hill, and Parker West ("Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural") as Ballard. They're all fun to watch, and keep this thing entertaining for the duration. It's true enough that this is never exactly "action packed", but it's got its moments, and it does address the theme of whether a person committed to the idea of non-violence can take drastic steps if necessary. The last second bummer ending is typical of the kind of resolution to be found in 70s cinema, studio and independent films alike. If you're into this kind of thing, you may find this an acceptable diversion as well. Jameson would work with Carr and Pataki again on "The Bat People", and would utilize Carr, Pataki, *and* Macaulay for "Raise the Titanic". Seven out of 10.

Reviewed by stevenfallonnyc 8 / 10

Amazing early 70's trash cinema!

After a long search, I finally got a nice copy of the virtually unknown Brute Corps, and it was well worth the wait! The story consists of this band of mercenaries for hire who travel in army vehicles, and cause all sorts of havoc along their way. They particularly like to abuse and humiliate women, and take no guff from anyone (especially a band of bikers). If any of the group aren't actually causing trouble at any particular time, then they are sitting there and smiling and laughing while others in the group do it.

Eventually they come across two hippies hiking cross country; one a young man and the other his gorgeous girlfriend. What happens after that must be seen to be believed! Many familiar faces abound, and despite the no-budget look, this is actually a very well-made film. "Brute Corps" is definitely worth a look for all fans of rare cinema.

Reviewed by Coventry 6 / 10

Fresh meat for seven bastards!

The ancient videotape of "Combat Corps" that I watched had silly Dutch subtitles and it even translated the title as "Fresh meat for seven bastards". Admittedly it sounds somewhat like an inferior spaghetti western, but this translated title pretty much covers the load, I'd say! "Combat Corps" is a typical early 70's exploitation product, in other words it's a mean-spirited, raw and barbaric film with extremely low production values and rough editing and directing. The plot is as rudimentary and derivative as can be: a band of mercenaries are on their way to a conflict in Central America and make a stop in a sleepy little town near the Mexican border. They're a bunch of despicable and rancid pigs that entertain themselves by terrorizing the intimidated local peasants and sexually humiliating their wives & daughters. When they also capture a free-spirited female hitch-hiker, her hippie boyfriend (along with one group member who's fed up with the others' behavior) has the guts to fight back. "Combat Corps" isn't suitable for many audiences, but highly recommended in case you're a fan of gritty drive-in exploitation trash. The sexual harassment sequences are reasonable unpleasant, but near the beginning there's a very cool and memorable showdown scene with a couple of bikers. In spite of its obscurity status, "Combat Corps" stars a few familiar names like Alex Rocco, Michael Pataki and Jennifer Billingsley.

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