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Rob Morgan as Abe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mike_olley 7 / 10

Comfortable 7/10

Confused as to why some would think this film contained animal cruelty...!!! Maybe I'm not that tuned into "first world sensitivities and problems".

Strong relational film with convincing characters. Harsh depiction of working class American lifestyle - perhaps that's the focus if you do have societal concerns, one should give focus to.

Steady slow burner that will resonate.

Reviewed by Boristhemoggy 7 / 10

An excellent study of human nature

Some say this film is slow, I say it takes the time to envelope you in the characters and environment. It gives you the space to understand the players and develop your own opinion of them as it goes. Each character is very distinct except Crystal, who is developing and burgeoning. She knows her world is limited but also knows she needs to do something to make a life for herself. It reminds me a little of Winter's Bone, although the lead actor isn't quite as impressive as Jennifer Lawrence, she does hold you engaged as her story plays out. You can't help but feel sympathy for her but also recognise her stoic resolve. It's a matter of fact film with a positive view of the world. I loved it.

Reviewed by TheTopDawgCritic 3 / 10

Are you kidding me?? 90 min of filler, only 15 min of substance.

Wtf did I just watch for 105 mins?? Paint drying on a wall has better pacing than this mess. I kept waiting for something to happen, anything, a heart beat... but nothing, except crickets.

Writer and director Annie Silverstein's only filmmaking experience is short films, and she should stick to those, as this film needed to be a short. 90 min of filler, only 15 min of substance, and that's being generous. The unnecessarily long dragged out scenes became very annoying, I literally had to 2x and 4x FFW in search of anything substantial. What was the point of this story that it needed to be produced into a full length film? We've seen this type of movie many times, and done that many times better. The trailer even looked bland - and this film was even blander, but I gave it a chance from reading praise from the critics. Were they on happy pills when they reviewed this? Sure it wasn't no Hollywood action packed drama or thriller - I didn't expect that from the trailer, but a coming of age story with this type of terrible writing stretched out to a 105 minute screenplay, was just unbearable and a waste of my 105 mins I will never get back. And the ending - one of the dumbest and pointless I've seen. All that did was seal my IMDb rating.

Silverstein was also the worst director in directing her cast - particularly amateur Amber Havard, of which this film was her first. Her monotonic, expressionless, stale and dull acting made the slow dragged out scenes that much more unbearable, I wanted to stick pencils in my eyes! It's not her fault, it's 100% the directors job to get their cast right. Her character needed a better seasoned director, or cast someone more experienced that can hold their own.

The editing was terrible, the score - was there even a score? Even the cinematography was bland. This has to be one of the worst films I've seen. It's a very generous 3/10 from me.

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