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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cageybird 10 / 10

Absolute cracker - Go into it blind

I like the actor, Neil Maskell, and the writer / director, Paul Andrew Williams, but all I knew about this film before hand was that it was 'very violent' and a revenge thriller.

I expected a solid British gangster type flick, but that really doesn't do it justice.

Bull is not a nice or a sympathetic character, but he's not meant to be.. and yet... Everything is tight.. the acting, the script, the direction. There are some truly shocking moments. Relating to the prominence of the funfair in the film, watching this is a lot like a roller coaster ride.. the build up of tension, the inescapable results.. but it keeps you along for the ride the whole time.

I won't even remotely spoiler this, because the less you know, the better the impact of the film.. I was floored by the ending and extremely satisfied - it made perfect sense.

Fans of gritty British flicks like Dead Mans Shoes, Kill List or even Paul Andrew Williams' London to Brighton will love this, I'm sure. 10/10 from me.

Reviewed by stereosteve-1 6 / 10

Decent film, marred by bizarre ending.

Saw this at the London Film Festival premiere last night. It's a well-made and engaging low-budget crime film, with excellent acting and music. Neil Maskell and David Hayman give dependably good performances. It's very much along the lines of Dead Man's Shoes and Kill List, although lacking the flair, originality and imagination of those classics. Hard geezer seeks revenge, with over-the-top violence and nasty, humourless working-class gangsters. A grim and dour tone. Some nicely choreographed stabbings and gunshots. It's nothing new, but it does it satisfactorily and holds your attention.

It's a great shame then that the film is almost fatally marred by a bizarre and poorly thought-through conclusion that had to make me wonder why not a single person on the team of this production said 'um, hang on a minute, are we really going with this ending..?'.

It's just wrong for the tone of the film.

I can see what they were aiming for, as it's been done before in one of the best crime films ever made, but here they mess it up by not setting it up correctly, and in the process almost wreck a perfectly workable film.

All in all, despite this flaw, this is worth a watch, as it is undeniably entertaining.

Reviewed by stephen_dines-79394 8 / 10

No good folks live here

I do not know how much realism there is in the actions of the gangsters portrayed here, primarily as I don't live in their world. If the "real" gangster types on our streets are anything like these then you can only wish bad thoughts upon them.

As for the movie, it is indeed quite uncompromising even if they did do a couple of scenes 'behind closed curtains' so to speak. No minutes are wasted on minutiae so the action is tight and it does give a queasy feeling of peeping into a world you are happy to know little about.

Downsides? Oh yes, right at the end and I don't quite know why they felt the need to walk down this particular road. In was unneeded and honestly doesn't even fit in with what came before.

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