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Crime / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by richinberlin 9 / 10

Just fantastic. What a story, and lead performance

What a joy to see this gem at the Berlin Berlinale. I went knowing and expecting nothing... and to be honest? Having seen another film made using young inexperienced Cambodian actors that somehow didn't touch me... i was not expecting a whole lot.

I go to films, wanting an immersive experience. It doesn't take much to snap me out of the moment. An actor with 2 lines who somehow manages to deliver them poorly, mood music that is masturbatory in its dramatic emotion levels.... poor scripting, silly, boring premises.

I got to the end of Buoyancy and was so sad for the moment to have ended. Just wonderful film making. Such a solid effort from the whole cast.... i believed every single one of them were living what i was seeing not just acting... but Sarm... the lead? Wow. What a performance.

The story itself I won't touch as I don't want to spoil it for those who have not seen it.. but its gut wrenchingly realistic, brutal, human and inhuman all at once. I really can't think of another movie to compare it to.

Just wow.

Reviewed by stephen-624 8 / 10

More a Treat than a Tract

The cruel business of Asian forced-labour fishing is no joke, but if you want to make a movie of it, it still has to work as a movie.

Rathjen largely succeeds, aided by fine camera work, and cinematic interludes that break up what would otherwise be an unbearably grim tale. The interludes might be a high-altitude shot of the death boat, a thoughtful moment of beauty, or a flashback to the young conscript's home village.

The ending strikes an apt note, neither too sad nor too sentimental. It's hard to imagine this one will do huge box office, so let's hope that Rathjen comes back for another round. Talented Australian directors are rare, and rarer still do they kick on for longer careers.

Reviewed by WalkdenEntertainment 8 / 10

Touching, Powerful & Unforgettable

A 14 year old boy, Chakra (Sarm Heng), is tired of working hard and receiving only a small amount of money from his family. Chakra believes he is the hardest worker within the family and wants something more. He decides to run away from home and work elsewhere. His goal is to earn more money and return home to his family in due time. Unfortunately, Chakra is soon sold off to a slave worker who captains a Thai fishing boat. Chakra soon learns the Captain has cruel ways of running his ship. When Chakra and his fellow slaves don't submit to the daily work required or obey the rules, punishment and cruelty is enforced.

Buoyancy as a film is shot wonderfully. The film's style is rather creative in creating tension, drama and showing wonderful landscape and scenery shots. The director appears to enjoy aerial shots which were also effective in key moments.

Performances were outstanding, particularly from the leading actor played by Sarm Heng. He is simply convincing and believable. Portraying the situation the character falls into would not have been an easy task, especially considering this is based on real themes and event. Supporting actors, particularly those who are also on the fishing boats, were also outstanding.

Tension is a key element. With quality all around performances there is also a suspenseful element in this film, especially in regards to the film's audio track. The audio track has a huge part to play. It is somewhat basic but highly effective during tense moments.

Overall, make no mistake, Buoyancy can be classed as a tough drama film to watch but I personally have no regrets in seeing it. This film was a positive experience filled with solid performances and I would gladly recommend this film to many others.

8.1/10 Walkden Entertainment

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