Burn Out


Action / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pushingthelimityetagain 7 / 10

The best motorcycle movie I've scene

A tale of a young motorcycle racer down on his luck who is granted one boon and one curse. He is given the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to ride for a factory supported race team, yet at the same time he finds out his ex (and mother to his child) is deeply in debt with criminal elements infesting his hometown. Our protagonist strikes a deal with the devil to release his ex from her debt and must try to balance both his boon and curse.

I will say that Burn Out is a relatively simple action-thriller without any pretensions of being something else, but it is spectacularly well shot and paced, dragging you inexorably from one gritty scene to the next. The acting is solid with just enough dialogue to move the plot forward and invest the viewer in the characters but no more than that.

Overall I loved the movie for its gritty realism, great shots and chase scenes . One recommendation, don't watch the english dub version. Watch the original french version with subtitles.

Reviewed by AlucardOfLondon 7 / 10

Good biking - but check out the inspiration for it

Go figure - the narco kingpin of Paris quietly trundles his wares across Europe in sensible unmarked transit vans until it gets within a couple of hours from Paris .... but then for the last few miles he hands it over to a wired motorcycle courier who is ordered to ride at lunatic speeds, to crash the same toll booth each night and to refuel in the same layby. It's hard to think up a plan more likely to lose both drugs and rider. This French film puts more effort into the exciting dash-cam scenes than the plot , which is a shame because it has a gritty feel and a cool lead. If you want to see the obvious inspiration for the movie, take a look at GhostRider's video's (see YouTube) of him riding around the Paris Peripherique at night at over 250kmph. Yup, Burn Out captures the same images of blurred scenery and terrifying tunnels For an even bigger thrill, check out the b&w movie that inspired GhostRider - a DIY video of a Frenchman nicknamed Le Prince Noir (The Black Prince) doing the same ride in broad daylight and heavy traffic. Your teeth will be on edge. Now that's movie making, and no plot was needed at all.

Reviewed by davehaydock 8 / 10

Different enjoyable movie

Probably one of the best motorcycle movies I've seen..as a motor cyclist I give it 1 more star than it maybe deserves

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