Butch Camp



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by airhead_abmem 10 / 10

Far better entertainment than its iMDb rating would portend.

I watched this film before I checked the rating here on iMDb. For that small bit of luck I am most happy.... The existing rating of 4.7 (when I checked) grossly underrates the enjoyment I got watching this film. It is a terribly cute comedy with good acting and a funny story line. It may not be the most believable story line, I will grant you, but for entertainment it certainly is just fine. As far as "gay themed" movies, I certainly rank it among the most watchable comedies that I have managed to view.

Reviewed by Maven_ 10 / 10

very light romantic comedy

I don´t know what other ppl were expecting, a gay revolution maybe, but I don´t think movies must have that role, they must just entertain and be simple, as Butch Camp is. A light romantic comedy, and the actors they were not bad. I really liked Judy Tenuta, after seeing the film I became a fan of her style and Jason Teresi had that "thing" you know? Even if he wasn´t so beautiful I think he would still be standing tall in his acting. And of course Paul Denniston was very funny as the fragile and always temerous Matt. Those ppl bashing this movie are used to gay porn, so I guess they were frustrated not to see any - and terrified to find out gay people can actually love and desire a steady relationship, with love and everything. That´s it!

Reviewed by teresij 10 / 10

Getting Into The Real "Butch Camp"

Although "Butch Camp" was a weak film, it did have it's redeeming qualities. It gave light wings to a hard and over looked metal shell. When you open up that shell you find laughter and some good acting.

Paul Denniston is pretty funny as the sorry Matt who needs and learns to stand up for himself. His Michael J. Foxish performance is second to none along with his timing.

Judy Tenuda is classic Judy. What more can you say. It's her stand up on the big screen.

Jason Teresi is the "Serious and Straight" (forgive the pun), in an over the top movie. He provides a much needed "realism" that adds drama, love, tenderness, and heart to the film. He pulls the movie together from all of the crazy directions it's going and brings them into a well rounded ball with no jagged edges. His performance is outstanding, which simply means that he stands out. If you focus the plot more on Matt and Rod, This could have been a whole different story and film.

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