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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 / 10

We need her organs

A secret society of rich pedophiles hires mercenary killers to keep their operation secret. They also harvest organs from young girls. They maintain an ax murderer on the grounds in case they are caught, they can pin everything on him. Dragonfly (John Ozuna) one of their mercenaries turns on them.

This is another Rene Perez, so bad I enjoyed it, type film. It looks like the Robert Bronzi era is over. The plot was a bit different, invoking the ultimate in class warfare and some elitist conspiracy theory dialogue that was poorly delivered by Botox accident Keely Dervin. As usual, the acting and dialogue were laughable. Ax murderer vs mercenary. Not recommended for serious film watchers. Only bad movie lovers who like watching women getting their tops ripped off should view.

Guide: No swearing as I recall. No sex. Nudity (Eva Hamilton, Clementine Hetherington, Kimberly Molina, Rebecca Tarabocchia. I think I got the list right.)

Reviewed by jesybear 1 / 10

Terrible, would have given ZERO stars if possible.

This is literally the worst movie I have ever seen. Sometimes "bad" movies can be fun, this isn't. It made my ears and eyes feel really sad and I would rather poke them all out, than have to sit through another sitting of this movie. Everything is bad and I can't find any redeeming qualities for it, which is unusual because normally a few things are good even in bad movies. Even if 1st traders made this, they would still get an F.

Reviewed by dy38493 2 / 10

Good movie about killings

Good movie to watch for especially that killing scenes in the film and also the fighting and dialogues Go and watch it for.

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