1977 [ITALIAN]

Drama / Western

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lostinaction 8 / 10

Guiliano Gemma in a sinister Western

No wonder that California isn't as popular as so many other Spaghetti-Western. It is entertaining but not funny like My Name is Nobody or violent like Four of the Apocalypse. IMO California is one of the last real Spaghetti Western but the filmmakers didn't want to do a typical Western. Somehow it reminds of one of the many 50's Western flicks but with a darker a more sinister story. Maybe you can compare California with Keoma or The great Silence. Also like in these Movies it isn't so easy to say who really the hero is. Is it Guiliano Gemma as California, who hates his old name and has enough from all that Killing and Shooting? His opponent is Raimund Harmsdorf a German actor and is best known in supporting roles in so many B-Movies or German TV Shows. In California Harmsdorf has a fairly good role and he did some fine acting. He is a ruthless Bounty Hunter who kills Confederates Soldiers for Money. Unfortunately politics changes and he is getting an Outlaw. For a SW there are interesting characters and not just a faceless Hero and his Villain. Sorry but the figures aren't simply Black and White in this drama and there are no funny jokes of Guiliano.

I wasn't quite happy with this melodramatic Organ 70's like Music. In some way it fits in some not. The photography is bleach and the environment looks dirty. Towns and people seemed to be destroyed by the war and this world has nothing to do with the beauty as you can see in Once Upon a Time in the West. Some Scenes are taking place in a Ghost Town. These Scenes are very climatic and give the audience more of the Apocalyptic Feeling. The Storyline has two parts. A travel at the end of the American Civil War and then a Vendetta as it we have already seen in so many contributions to the Genre. But it wouldn't be a typical Spaghetti Western if this Vendetta wouldn't be different. California (1977) hasn't a lot in common with Gemma's first western A Pistol for Ringo (1964).

For me this melodramatic western was a big surprise. The storyline and the figures are fine written. It's not a Feel Good Movie or just another action loaded Hero Tale of the West. Of course it has some flaws and there are some weak points in the second part but overall it's an interesting flick. Director Michelle Lupo did a good job and it was his last serious western too. Buddy goes West (1981)is more a Comedy than a Western. One year later Lucio Fulci master of Giallo and Horror directed a Spaghetti Western with a similar look: Silver Saddle (1978). Guiliano Gemma is the main cast again but Fulci's Movie isn't so sinister and dark than this one. IMO these two Movies were the last Highlights of the Spaghetti Western Genre and then this fascinating Genre ended.

Reviewed by TankGuy 9 / 10

1977:The Spaghetti Western was dying....

The American western had already died in the 1960s,and now it looked as if the spaghetti western was going the same way,the novelty was beginning to wear off and the die hard fans of the genre from the 1960s were moving onto more modern stuff like Sci-fi and crime flicks and films like Star Wars were gaining popularity,good things don't last forever,yes,the spaghetti western was beginning to slowly fade away.But even in it's final days,the genre tried it's hardest to entertain and be everything it had been back in the 60s,California is a fantastic example of this...

California is one of the best spaghettis in my opinion,it's got brilliant action scenes,psychedelic camera-work and soundtrack,a very robust storyline and excellent acting,the storyline is this,the Civil War is over and Confederate prisoners are being released from a POW camp,the young and naive Willy Preston befriends the world weary,serious California(Giuliano Gemma)(from where the film takes it's title),at first,California sees the young Preston as a nuisence,but as the two men make their way back home,they get to know each other and become very good friends,after a close run in with some northern bounty hunters who specialise in killing Confederate soldiers and collecting the bounty money ,the two men steal a horse and narrowly escape,the bounty hunters later catch up with theme and SPOILERS,Willy is shot and later hung,a sad and bitter California survives and makes his way to Willys home to tell his family,California falls in love with Willys sister,but one day on a trip to town,another gang of bounty hunters led by Rope Whittaker spot some Confederate soldiers in the town and shoot the place up,California is wounded and Willys sister is caught in the crossfire and captured by the bounty hunters,California sets out to get revenge and reclaim his love...

There are a good amount of magnificent action scenes,the fist fights are done in brutal and uber-violent fashion and shootouts are no different,the brawl between California,Willy and the bounty hunters is spectacularly staged and the final fist fight between California and Whittaker is one of the best i've seen in the genre,the two men batter each other up like nothing normal,tables are thrown and smashed and both men crash through a solid wall before tumbling down a hill(in slow-motion of course)punching it out as they go along,prior to this fight,Whittaker is drinking from a whisky bottle when California punches the bottle which smashes while still in the formers mouth(again in slow-mo),wow,such style!.The shootout in the town between Whittaker and the three Confederates is also fast paced and excellent and the scene when Willy is killed is also done in bloodcurdlingly sadistic slow motion,an effect that works to the full advantage.

The camera-work is very symbolic as it shows us what war can do to a country,the bleak scenery(and this is a VERY bleak film)work to the directors advantage for once,the scenes of the ravaged towns are a perfect example of this and i really love the soundtrack,i don't know why everyone complains about it,i think it fits beautifully with these images.The storyline is also brilliant,it's split into three sections,an anti-war drama which shows us what kind of effect war has on a nation and it's people and how it destroys a person,a tender love story and a brutal revenge tale,spectacularly done.

Overall,one of the better spaghetti westerns,it shows us that even when running out of energy,the spaghetti western could still be exciting and have the power to entertain,highly recommended to all fans of the genre,9/10.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Notable , decent Spaghetti/Paella Western co-produced by Spain and Italy , being shot in Almeria , as usual

Twilight Spaghetti/Chorizo Western with dark scenarios , atmospheric cinematography by Alejandro Ulloa , good musical score in usual Spaghetti style and being professionally directed by Michele Lupo . This entertaining , engaging as well as violent movie is crammed of pursuits , fist-fights , punches , kicks , killings , overwhelming stunt-work and lots of shots . After the Civil War , Michael "California" Random (Giuliano Gemma) , is released from Union prison along with a young Confederate soldier (Miguel Bose) . Both of whom , California and his partner William , go to Missouri . Along the way , they suffer ambushes , assaults and betrayals throughout puny towns and aridity outdoors . And being attacked by a nasty group of bounty hunters (Romano Puppo , Robert Hundar as Eric Plummer , and several others) led by Rope Whittaker (Raimund Harmstorf) . After that , it happens a hanging and Michael California decides to return the belongings to his family : father Mr Preston (William Berger) , mother Mrs Preston (Dana Ghia), daughter and help them against outlaws . Meantime , Michael falls in love for a beautiful woman , Helen Preston (Paola Bose) . But she is captured and later on , California sets out in pursuit the kidnappers and seeks vendetta against the cutthroats .

Charming Chorizo-Spaghetti Western co-produced by Spain , Italy and follows the American models regarding the twilight Western , as well as Sergio Leone style . This Western is a superior outing because it displays violence , thrills , emotion , shoot'em up , brawls , intrigue , riding pursuits and many other things . There is plenty of action and violent events in the movie , guaranteeing some shots or stunts every few minutes . This sinister picture is a tale of justice and revenge , as a soldier carries out a hard mission to execute a merciless vengeance when his friend is hanged and his girlfriend is kidnapped . The basic plot is typical spaghetti western fare , but what makes this movie stand out is its style . The lighting-paced storyline slows down at times , but frenetic fight/action sequences make up for it . The starring called Michael California is stunningly played by Giuliano Gemma . Giuliano is very fine , he ravages the screen , he jumps , bounds and leaps , hit and run . Gemma as a brave and two-fisted Confederate military is terrific . Gemma , along with Anthony Steffen and Gianni Garco , results to be one of the greatest stars of the Spaghetti genre . Gemma in his beginning worked as stunt-man , practiced many sports in his life, boxing , gymnastics, such as is well proved at the movie . Then the director , Duccio Tessari, gave him the first role as protagonist in the film " The Titani" and the first spaghetti western films where he often worked under the name of Montgomery Wood , playing Western as ¨A pistol for Ringo¨, subsequently the would play similar role in other Spaghettis , as ¨The return of Ringo¨ and others as ¨Adios Gringo¨, ¨Arizona Colt¨, ¨The price of power¨ , ¨Day of anger¨ and later ¨California¨. However, his first big opportunity came with the important Italian director, Luchino Visconti in ¨El Gatopardo¨ this was followed by important roles in "Angelica" , ¨Tenebre¨ , ¨Young Lions¨ and ¨The master touch¨. Then he played his most significant roles in ¨Il Deserto Dei Tartari¨ and ¨Il Prefetto Di Ferro¨ . In the movie appears habitual support actors as Spanish people : Miguel Bose , Paola Bose , Diana Lorys , as Italian secondaries : Chris Avram , Enzo Fiermonte , Franco Fantasia , Alfio Catabiano , Alberto Dell'Acqua , Ottaviano Dell'Acqua , Roberto Dell'Acqua , Tom Felleghy , and , of course , the ordinary Robert Hundar . They are a lot of secondaries from B Italian series seen in several genres as Spaghetti Western and Peplum . It's a co-production Spanish-Italian and shot on location in Almeria , Spain , and Lazio , Rome . There are many fine technicians , as nice assistant direction , excellent production design by Carlo Simi , Sergio Leone's regular , and atmospheric cinematography by Alejandro Ulloa , he creates a magnificent scenario on the interior ranch and barren outdoors , scrawny villages as well as dirty landscapes under a glimmer sun . Adequate and sad music original by Gianni Ferrio in Spaghetti style . The musician composes a nice Spaghetti soundtrack and well conducted and including splendid leitmotif ; it's full of enjoyable sounds and emotive score .

This is one of the last and best Spaghettis and was compellingly directed by Michele Lupo who made all kinds of genres . Lupo directed various Bud Spencer vehicles as ¨Bulldozer¨ , ¨The Supersheriff¨, ¨Buddy go west¨, and ¨E.T. and the Supersheriff¨ . Lupo directed Giuliano Gemma , his fetish actor , in several films as ¨Master touch¨ with Kirk Douglas , ¨Stay away¨ with Amidou , ¨Arizona Colt¨ with Fernando Sancho and Nello Pazzafini and ¨California ¨ with William Berger and Romano Puppo. This is an acceptable entertaining juvenile that will appeal to Western buffs . Rating : essential and fundamental watching for for Giuliano Gemma fans. Rating : Above average Pasta Western . Well worth seeing .

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