Caligula: The Untold Story

1982 [ITALIAN]

Action / Drama

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Laura Gemser as Miriam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coventry 3 / 10

Some stories are better left...untold

I'm probably one of the few people in the world who don't automatically categorize Joe D'Amato's film as 'worthless' or 'sleazy junk'. No, I actually support the opinion that he's a filmmaker with vision. With films like 'Buried Alive', 'Death Smiles at Murder' and 'Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals' he proved that he's capable of combining gruesome horror images and gore with a compelling script. This film, however, completely takes the edge off the above stated opinion. Caligula: The Untold Story is a very ugly and mediocre film about history's most notorious figure. Following Tinto Brass' controversial cult-epic, D'Amato focuses on the cruel and inhuman reign of the Roman emperor. This film particularly handles about a personal vendetta between a Moor-woman (whose friend got brutally killed) and the Emperor. She's torn between her personal feelings and her urge to take vengeance bla bla bla…

Caligula is a non-stop series of uninteresting sleaze, lame gore, terrible acting skills and inferior production values. The film starts out well enough, with a great cameo from Michele Soavi (later the director of masterpieces like 'Dellamorte Dellamore') trying to kill Caligula but, after this, it all goes downhill. David Cain is an incredibly bad actor and even the gorgeous Laura 'Black Emanuelle' Gemser doesn't look sensual enough to keep you watching. This film reminded me a lot about history lessons in school. The substance is fascinating enough, but it's brought in such a tedious and dull way. You're way better of watching Brass' epic staring Malcolm McDowell.

Reviewed by EVOL666 8 / 10

Sleaze-King Joe D'Amato's Take On The Caligula Story...

I have to say that D'Amato's take on the life and death of Roman Emperor, Caligula, was pretty much exactly what I was expecting. The storyline centers less around any real historical relevance and instead goes straight for the sleaze - which is just fine by me. I'd already sat through Tinto Brass's epic film about the depraved Caesar, I was fine with this entry being a lot "thinner"...

D'Amato's imagining of the emperor's life leaves out many of the actual details surrounding him, and instead wallows in long orgy scenes and some decent violence and torture. We get a pretty good look at the type of person that Caligula was, but there's very little history to be learned here. The bulk of the storyline is based around Caligula's "love" of a slave-girl named Miriam (played by super-smoker Laura Gemser) and her wish to betray him for the murder of one of her friends. Honestly - none of this really matters, you'd be better off resigning yourself to the fact that you're basically watching a mid-budget porn film...

Definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of D'Amato's other sleazy offerings like EMANUELLE IN America and EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD, just don't expect to pass any tests by using the film as a Cliff's Notes version of Caligula's life. I'm pretty sure that D'Amato realized that he'd never reach the heights of infamy or production value with his film that Brass enjoyed with his far more expensive and elaborate telling of the tale - so I figure D'Amato decided to just try to out-sleaze him - and it worked. Way more graphic sex including midget-sex and some more horse-masturbation (a la EMANUELLE IN America) - so fans of this sort of thing will be pleased. Not a perfect film, but sleaze fans will get a laugh out of the seriousness of such a blatantly trashy production...8.5/10

Reviewed by Ky-D 6 / 10

Joe D'amato is at his usual game.

A fact I would never admit to people I want to like me, I am a fan of Joe D'amato flicks. Here he is up to his old tricks; offering over the top blood shed, pointless plotting and (depending on which version you have) some X-rated sex scenes.

If you know anything about history, then there is no point in going through the plot. For those unaware, Caligula was a Ceaser and emperor of Rome. He was also generally regarded as the most brutal, demented ruler the empire ever had.

Joe D'amato strings together a lose revenge tale around his favorite leading lady, 'Black Emmanuel' Laura Gamser (funny, she's Asian). Her friend is killed by the diabolical Emperor in a botched rape attempt and she goes undercover into the place to get vengeance. Along the way we see three-ways, four-ways, prostitute training, a man impaled on a spike, the list just goes on. The coup de grace is a party scene in which we are treated to gladiators killing each other, a horse (yes, I said horse) hand job, and a long (if you have the real unedited version, which to my knowledge is out of print) orgy with all the X-rated trimmings.

D'amato flicks are most certainly an acquired taste. Most will find this to be filth, but if you have the mind for it, then this is one of the sleaze master's best.


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