Calum Von Moger: Unbroken



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by grahamvandyke 6 / 10

The Definition of Insanity

This documentary is definitely a bi-polar watch.

On the one hand you have the animal loving Calum who's built like a Greek god going through an absolutely rough period of his life. I recently have had my own things going on in life which has caused me to drop in mass significantly, so I can relate psychologically with how it feels.

On the other you have the guy who is very genetically gifted, does things like eat take out and not count his calories (as shown in a different documentary) and is reckless with his activities. He drives a motorcycle despite his father being confined to a wheelchair from a motorcycle accident, injures himself pulling a very unsafe stunt and then during the healing process manages to go re-injure himself during something similarity dangerous. At this point it is a little hard to feel too sorry for him. The definition of insanity has been popularly said to repeat the same action over and over while expecting different results.

I am not a "hater" by all accounts- I feel this documentary confirms the question asked in a previous Generation Iron documentary about his reckless behavior in a telling way. I do however think he is a genuinely good person and wish him all the best. If I had a piece of advice- learn from past mistakes.

Reviewed by ricochet93-369-308802 5 / 10

Unbroken, Oh The IRONy

It's called unbroken, but he's reaptedly injured, kind of ironic.

Before I give my two cent, Calum comes across as a lovely, genuine guy and very likeable!

But, as documentary there is little substance. No hard or interesting questions asked, no mention of steroids or anything, it's all very pedestrian.

Compare that to other athlete's documentaries, like Mark Kerr Smashing Machine, you see the nitty gritty.

Reviewed by tonyaydiner 5 / 10

Not a single mention of steroids. Why not?

In this day and age, we all understand that anyone of Von Moger's size takes steroids. However, what could have been a very insightful documentary is simply a fluffy middle of the road affair due to the subject not even being mentioned once, never mind probed in depth.

Calum is injured twice during the making of the documentary and how he approached his rehabilitation with his steroid cycles would have been fascinating. Perhaps Calum's management don't want him talking about his steroid use, but seriously, anyone interested in this guy will have enough basic knowledge of bodybuilding to know he takes them in big quantities. A documentary which at least acknowledges this and explores it in some way would be more welcome as steroids are at the absolute heart of this subject matter.

Exploring what's kind of stack Calum uses, his PCT, and also the psychological aspect of why he started using them, how they have affected him etc would have been scintillating viewing. Instead we're left with nothing but fluff. To his credit, Von Moger comes across as a nice guy and I'm sure he'll be very successful in life.

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