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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by carol_chassot 8 / 10

Painfully brilliant

This is a movie unlike most movies I've seen. It portrays a kind of character that you don't see much in Brazilian films - a deeply anguished young middle class woman, with writing aspirations and a desire for intensity. You don't know exactly why she's so miserable and where her anguish comes from, but you feel it deeply with her. She's trying to find meaning for her meaningless life, and she searches everywhere she can, even if she might get hurt. When she does get hurt, she aches but goes on to the next try. I guess she's one of those people that prefer to be in pain than to feel nothing at all. Ultimately, it's the writing that helps her keep going by turning the despair into something beautiful.

It's a great movie, well constructed, with a very strong lead character and an interesting plot, but the overwhelming factor really comes from the actress, Leandra Leal. She is fearless, brave enough to bare her soul and her body for this performance. I'd say it's a great film for anyone that is acquainted with their own dark places.

Reviewed by iradao 5 / 10

Poetic and literary

The story is about Camila, a young alcoholic woman that writes an internet blog. Her blog seems to have several followers.

She has many relationships throughout the story, all of them pretty troubled. And the sex scenes are rough, in my opinion too detailed, which I found exaggerated.

The acting of Leandra Leal is very convincing and has gave her two awards. She is actress since childhood in Globo Television. After her two most famous performances in "Cazuza" and "The Man Who Copied" she performs her most challenging character and this consolidates her as one important actress in Brazilian cinema.

The total budget is clearly very cheap, as it was filmed in digital cameras and the scenarios are not very sophisticated. The great value of this film is in the artistic way the scenes are shot. There is also quite a poetry influence in the text of Camila's stories which one may find beautiful.

But the movie is not quite entertainer, and does not keep your attention during the whole movie. In fact after so many Camila's relationships you don't differ one partner from other and her behavior seems quite dull.

So if you don't mind watching cheap movies, I recommend it to you because of Leandra's stunning acting and the artistic text that is written on the screen. It happens as people type their text in e-mails or blogs on the internet.

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