Can We Take a Joke?



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tbuestrin 10 / 10

Spot on documentary...

There is really only one place to look if you want to find those to blame for destroying a generation. College.

However, the seed of the snowflake mentality begins at home. We are raising really soft children (I have a 9 year old). From there our kids are sent thru a school system that reinforces their soft emotion filled lives. Schools (primarily high school) teach kids to go with emotion of practicality. Once they hit college it's reinforced by a overwhelmingly liberal group of professors and teachers that indoctrinate them to tune out subject matter that might hurt students feelings. And all it does is ill-prepare them for the real world where conflicting emotions can be a daily thing to deal with.

I found in my college career (undergraduate and Master's) that most of my profs were either people that had failed in the business world, or were lifelong educators...both groups live in absolute delusion of reality...nuzzled in the bosom of the College or University where tenure creates arrogance. There were a few there always are...but overall it was liberal brainwashing.

Reviewed by joe-73407 10 / 10

Social Justice is Cancer

The DVD finally came up in my Netflix queue. It was so on point that I watched it twice. Outrage culture has gone off the rails. In a bit over an hour, this documentary examines in part the history of censorship of comedy and where we have arrived in the last few years as the cry-bullies virtue signal their disapproval of anything that offends them or might offend someone else. So off the scale is the Social Justice Warrior need to control everything, that they are sucking the life out of the world. Comedy tells the truth, like it or not. And the truth is that people like to laugh.

Reviewed by Java_Joe 7 / 10

This should be required viewing.

Comedy, good comedy, should entertain as well as inform. And yet too often now we see comedians having to apologize for things they said in their set because the PC brigade has gotten their panties in a twist.

I don't agree with all the comedians here. Some of them I literally can't stand to listen to. But that doesn't mean I feel they need to be silenced. The problem is coming from a small group of people that think they know better than you and are doing this to protect you from things they don't want you to hear. Well I say no thank you. While I agree that some jokes aren't funny, I don't feel that there are topics that shouldn't be joked about or even better still some topics that can't be discussed in a rational manner.

Comics like Lenny Bruce challenged societal norms by using language we considered off limits back in the day. Others like George Carlin were unabashedly for free speech and skewering the sacred cows of the establishment. And that's the key here. Good comedy has always been anti-establishment. There's always been this relationship between good comedy and social norms and I don't feel that that should be a reason not to see or listen to a comedian.

There are good points to be made, on both sides mind you, but not all the points are worthy enough to enact actual change. Personally I will continue to watch these comedians I like and hope that their edge isn't dulled by too much SJW and PC backlash.

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