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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gfarr74 10 / 10

Mr. David Klien 1 GOOD GUY!!!

One good Docu-movie to learn from and to stay thankful! Thank you for helping, I hope we're not "bullied" as well (Fairfield,CA.), God Bless.

This is a must watch movie, sad, happens every day to good guys and women. I never expected a return call back from Mr. Klien directly and he helped with advice with Candy Puffcorn. I do like Jelly Belly living in Fairfield, CA. and all, but very hurt by the how the bully part went down.

He does give free wisdom, which helps me give it away to help others who want to be successful without being a bully about it, but making lasting mutual business success.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 6 / 10

Nice guys finish last...

Offbeat family man with big dreams creates a candy-coated phenomenon, tiny jelly beans in a colorful array of wildly different flavors, but quickly has his Jelly Belly company stripped from him by big businessmen who know how to turn the product into a multi-million dollar corporate empire. The American Dream gone sour, and yet inventor David Klein doesn't really allow the pitfalls of fortune's flip-side get him down. Klein has his regrets--as anyone in his situation would; he has a quiet sadness that comes through in his little shrugs and half-nods, but he keeps shuffling forward. It's in his nature to hide the pain and make folks smile. This documentary, produced, directed, and photographed by Costa Botes, doesn't have big moments of high drama...but the sad reverie which permeates these interviews of Klein and his kooky family turn out to be just as potent. **1/2 from ****

Reviewed by yastepanov 5 / 10

A Fool and his business were parted

I want to feel sorry for David Klein, but I can't.

He created a fantastic product: The Jelly Belly jellybean, but he seems purely unsuited to either running a business or even getting decent advice.

Had this man (who attended law school) simply hired a lawyer, he could have probably retained a small minority share in what is Jelly Belly today and been rich. He didn't. At every turn, when confronted with a situation, he seems to have taken the quick but easy way.

To be honest, David Klein invented the Jelly Belly, but then he more or less stopped. He is NOT responsible for the massive success of the company, but wants to be treated as if he was.

He wanted his contract manufacturing company to expand -- with them taking all the risk -- and was surprised when they turned the tables on him.

Since the story is one-sided and still doesn't make him out to be much of a sympathetic character.

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