Cannibal Girls


Comedy / Horror

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Andrea Martin as Gloria Wellaby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alanmora 7 / 10

"They do EXACTLY what you think they do"

I am BEGGING someone to release this hard to find little horror/cult gem on DVD. I would love to hear what Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin think now about having done this fun little schlocker. This film is very hard to find but it is definitely worth the search. It's a strange little film but if you can look past the bad acting, the holes in the storyline, and the inexplicable lack of gore that you would expect from any movie with the word Cannibal in the title it's actually a fun little flick. The 'gimmick' in this one is the "warning bell" which warns the viewer that a 'disturbing' scene is approaching (very William Castle like!). Still, there is just something intriguing about this cute little horror flick...check it out for yourself and you'll see what I mean!

Reviewed by trashgang 4 / 10

finally on DVD

This is a good example of the glory days of the drive-ins and the grindhouses. Everything you wanted in those days was included. Beautiful women and nudity and blood. For those days...If you watch it now it is a funny piece to see. Just look at the clothes, mini shorts, f*** me boots in glorious white up to the knees, smoking in bed, hairstyles you can't imagine. It is even stranger that this flick never had a proper release just until a few months ago. A lot of people did search for a copy because there was something funny about it and luckily on the official DVD you can find it also, the "warning bell". each time that there is a killing you will be warned by some kind of horn of an old car. Once the so-called gore is over, you will here a bell, warning you that you ca open your eyes again. sadly, it never becomes gory, you never see the axe going into the flesh. You do see the red stuff flowing as a result. There is also a bit too much of blah blah. But overall, it's a funny piece to watch. Some of the actors still are in the business others just left it after this flick. But it is also worth watching for the fans of the director Ivan Reitman. He became a famous producer in the seventies of horror (Shivers, Death Weekend, Ilsa,...) and of blockbusters like the Ghostbusters trilogy. I guess the fans will be delighted with it's proper release.

Reviewed by eldiabloesq 7 / 10

Drop your standards and enjoy, it's 1973, man.

It's not big budget, it's goofy - but I liked it. A lot of great horror movies (and I use the term "horror" loosely with this film) were low budget, starred nobodies, and shot with a sort of your-hometown look.

Cannibal Girls holds a bit of a Manson feel, as it was the buzz of the time. It was shot in rural parts of Toronto, areas which no not exist as rural any more. And it holds two big Canadian actors, who were nobody at the time - but do a great job of what they would become known for a few years later, great character actors. This is what makes it an alright film, but you have got to drop your standards of horror movies a bit to see this.

The story has a bit of an urban legend idea to it I suppose. The movie also contains something I think any true horror movie buff would think about when entering upon an odd out-of-the-way situation - don't you sometimes wonder if that hamburger, with the funky taste, you are eating at the diner in Tuckedawaytown, pop. 35, is really cow? When the film was first shown, it supposedly had a warning bell to let the "squeamish" know of impending grossness. Seeing it the first time 16 years after its original release, I didn't see any reason for bells' and whistles. I'm sure some people would have wanted that bell more with films like Zombie. However, I still wonder if cannibal girl #2 was eating a man sausage, or a MAN sausage.

Hey man, loosen up, Cannibal Girls is a cheap pseudohorror mouthful any horror buff should sample once.

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