Cannonball Run II


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
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Jackie Chan as Jackie Chan, Mitsubishi Engineer
Burt Reynolds as J.J. McClure
Shirley MacLaine as Veronica
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Reviewed by wannasurf2 7 / 10

Maybe most don't get this one?

This movie is a perfect example of guilty pleasure. Sure, it is not well written (or is it?). It isn't well acted (or was it?). My point, this movie was a literal "winkathon". In other words, it was meant to be corny, goofy, silly, and down right fun to watch. That being said, go back and watch it again and you will see my point. Where did a (current) 4.X rating come from? All I can figure that is comes from votes from clueless suburbans, or maybe teens that don't realize how iconic this movie is, or how this movie was one of the last blasts of the drive-in culture of America. Sure, it's not Citizen Kane...but should merit an easy 6 on cast names alone.

That said, what really makes this movie great is the talent in it! It may be the best collection of screen legends and icon ever assembled. The point in time when this movie was made allowed this phenomenon to be possible. In 1984, most of these actors were slightly past their peak, but still in the acting this may explain the ability to cast all of them (without a billion dollar budget). Try to replicate this today with an equivalent assortment of actors, and it would not be possible.

What makes this A-list super-fest even more golden is the fact that nearly every major player in this picture is now gone, or well up in years. Think of this movie as a video history of screen legends, or even a vague record of the car culture of the 70's and the phenomenon the actual Brock Yates cross country races were.

But if you are too young to know who these actors are, know nothing about the real Cannonball races, and don't appreciate drive-in type cinema/comedy, skip this one (rather than give it an unfair vote). Do that for me, and I won't give movies like Twilight or Lord of the Rings a 2.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

lesser and the same

Sheik Abdul ben Falafel (Jamie Farr) needs to win the Cannonball race for the family name and puts up the money. He recruits Dr Nikolas Van Helsing (Jack Elam) in his car. There are the beautiful Jill Rivers (Susan Anton) and Marcie Thatcher (Catherine Bach) in their Lamborghini. JJ McClure (Burt Reynolds) and Victor (Dom DeLuise) pretend to be in the military while Betty (Marilu Henner) and Veronica (Shirley MacLaine) join them pretending to be nuns. There are Jackie Chan and Richard Kiel in the Mitsubishi supercar. Mel Tillis and Tony Danza is driving with an orangutan. Blake (Dean Martin) and Fenderbaum (Sammy Davis Jr.) are back looking to score in different ways.

Most of the gang are back. The formula is more of the same. Is that wrong? Not automatically. The original has the fun of discovery and being new. This one is less than even a lesser sequel. The story tries to be too complicated which only detracts from the simple pleasures of watching an orangutan giving the finger. The racing is barely shown. It's a silly franchise and this is stupider than expected. Dom and Burt continue to be an outtake machine but even the post-credit aren't as funny. There is a joy in the original that seems to be missing here. It's more of the same but so much less.

Reviewed by Python Hyena 1 / 10

Crush This Film Under Monster Truck Tires!

The Cannonball Run 2 (1984): Dir: Hal Needham / Cast: Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, Shirley MacLaine, Marilu Henner, Telly Savalas: A complete lack of imagination and script. The first Cannonball Run was low key trash but its undeserved success opened the door for this mess. The Sheik puts up money for another cannonball run and it attracts many talented actors who look less than talented here. It goes from bad to worse as a bunch of idiots race across country and narrowly avoid the law. Director Hal Needham previously collaborated with Burt Reynolds on the funnier and much more exciting Smokey and the Bandit but here he displays as little talent as possible. Burt Reynolds plays a hotshot jackass race car driver. Dom DeLuise plays his moron sidekick who has the uncanny ability to become a superhero at will. Too bad that he couldn't make himself disappear into a better film. Shirley MacLaine and Marilu Henner tarnish their resumes as a couple of nuns who hitch a ride with Reynolds and DeLuise. Telly Savalas has the misfortune of playing a pathetic villain whose henchmen put people head first through walls. They are just the beginning of countless names who allowed themselves to be talked into this garbage. So who wins the cannonball? Try placing this film on the ground and back over it with your car. You would be a bigger winner than anyone in the film. Score: 0 / 10

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