Can't Buy My Love


Family / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 1114

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Adelaide Kane as Lilly Springer
Malea Rose as Calandre
Alexandra Grossi as Crystal
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lindajean4044 10 / 10

Movie is sweet and gentle, not boring! Hallmark quality.

I disagree with the reviews that said this was a boring movie. Those reviewers should not view Pixl movies, for they are all "old fashioned" with no swear words, no nudity, no sex, no murders. So, naturally this is a boring movie for some.

It is not often I watch a Pixl movie, but when I do it is because I want to watch a movie that will leave me calm and refreshed. This movie does just that. The two main actors come across so natural and lovable. I am pleased they consented to star in this simple, yet sweet production. Everything about this movie was nice, the photography, the co-stars and the directing. It was as good as any romantic Hallmark movie. If you like Hallmark, then you will like this movie.

Reviewed by vipul-mogre 9 / 10

Absolutely Beautiful!

The movie itself is predictable as many have suggested but that is hardly an issue when you watch it. The actress is so beautiful, man! Those big eyes, smile and skin, you do not immediately fall in love with her in her uniform but when she wears something else, oh boy!

The locations in the film are also very beautiful, nice and sunny, it feels great to see such places. The emotions are good in the film and the cinematography is also great.

TV Movies are not for everyone. As one of the reviewer said, if you want dirty, curse word, sex, nudity movies, then do not come to Hallmark or PixL movies. Rather watch adult films.

Such movies are absolutely beautiful even if the story is predictable and there is nothing new but because there are no obscenities, it is worth a watch in today's world when everything just revolves around sex.

Must watch, you will fall in love with the actress by the end of the movie haha :)

Reviewed by linda-plant2 9 / 10

I loved it..

I agree with those that found this a nice gentle film to watch. You don't watch Larry Levinson Productions if you want sex, thrills or anxiety inducing storylines.

I enjoyed this mainly because of the actors in the lead. Neither were shouty, hyperactive or screeching their delivery, unlike a lot of the Hallmark female stable of actors. The storyline was watchable, and living in the UK, we don't use the term 'it sucks', we generally say 'its rubbish', which this was not.

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