Captain Apache


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Carroll Baker as Maude
Lee Van Cleef as Capt. Apache
Stuart Whitman as Griffin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 3 / 10

Wow...Lee Van Cleef singing AND sporting a wig AND playing an American-Indian!

This film recently was aired on the Encore Western channel. I was surprised to see that the film was in really lousy condition--with a faded print and some choppy sections. Clearly this film has seen better days--though at least they DID close caption the movie--a plus for folks like me who are a tad hard of hearing.

This is an odd Western for Lee Van Cleef. Though he plays a scary guy once again, so much of the guy is atypical of Van Cleef. First, the film begins with Van Cleef himself singing (actually, it's more like talking) the title song! Then, as the credits roll, you see that he's sporting a wig--hiding his very thinning hair. Then, you soon learn that he's an American-Indian officer serving with the US military! I guess he could somewhat pull this off, but this is clearly an odd performance for this actor.

Van Cleef has been ordered to go to Mexico to extradite some men who killed an American official. In the process, you learn about an evil boss-man (Stuart Whitman) who runs things and may be behind the murder--heck he's done a few killings himself. However, oddly, he offers to help Van Cleef in his mission.

In addition to the plot, there are a few scenes thrown in here and there that are pretty cool. First, if you really want to see a lot of Van Cleef, there's a very gratuitous scene of him in a loincloth--not bad for a middle-aged man. Second, the coffin scene is pretty cool--see it and you'll know what I mean. However, even with a few good scenes here and there, this certainly WON'T elevate this scene to the quality level off Van Cleef's classic westerns, such as "Fistful of Dollars" and "For a Few Dollars More". "Deathwork" is often enjoyable, but nothing all that special--and occasionally very goofy and strange (such as the ill-fitting drug scene). And what's with all these "April Morning" comments throughout the film?! Talk about bizarre! It certainly is a lesser Van Cleef film--not even up to the standards of his Sabata films.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Bizarre comic western that ends up a misfire

This is a bizarre comic western, also known as DEATHWORK and THE GUNS OF APRIL MORNING. It's a UK/Spanish co-production that sees Lee Van Cleef - at the peak of his fame - playing the world's unlikeliest Native American, whose nickname here is "Red Ass" judging by the number of times people call him it. The narrative is a mystery yarn in which the Van Cleef character attempts to discover the meaning of the phrase "April morning".

It's an odd film indeed, one in which the tone is all over the place. You can tell it's a comedy more from the over-the-top nature of the camera shots and the one-liners than a genuinely funny atmosphere, but the whole thing is just too ridiculous to take seriously. I felt embarrassed for Van Cleef in his cast-against-type role and the production values are just sloppy, with US TV director Alexander Singer out of his depth and lacking the style of your typical spaghetti western filmmaker.

The cast is undoubtedly the most interesting about this film; it includes Hollywood-star-turned-giallo-actress Carroll Baker as a femme fatale whose appeal is stolen by the lovely Elisa Montes, and Britain's own Percy Herbert as a heavy. Stuart Whitman bags a large supporting role as an ally whose motivations are decidedly murky. CAPTAIN APACHE features some adequate action sequences to prop up the flagging narrative but it's a definite miss, unfortunately.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Confused Western with obscure plot and an odd role for Lee Van Cleef as officer Apache

This is an outlandish and muddled American/Spanish Western starred by the great Lee Van Cleef. A native-American Captain Apache (Lee Van Cleef in the title role) is investigating a murder , some words : ¨April Morning¨ hold a special key about its solution. He deals with a suspect gunrunner (Stuart Whitman) and a gorgeous saloon girl (Carrol Baker). Meanwhile the captain is pursued by some cutthroats ( Percy Herbert, Tony Vogel) and uncovers an assassination scheme.

This offbeat Western packs shootouts, action Western, violence, some touches of humor and strange images about witchery and necromancy. Packs a cynic and ironic portrayal of a rough captain Indian and his exploits in Old West gunning down enemies with one-dimensional roles and dozens of stereotypes who cross his path. The picture turns out to be another Spaghetti Western which during the 60s and early the 70 were ordinarily shot in Spain. Numerous support cast full of secondaries from Spanish/Italian Western as Jose Bodalo,Ricardo Palacios, Dan Van Husen,Charly Bravo, Milo Quesada, among others. The tale is filmed in Texas Hollywood,(Almeria,Andalucia, Spain) and partially in the fortress built for ¨El Condor¨(John Guillermin also with Cleef) by the production designer Julio Molina . Nevertheless, today the fort has been crumbled and only remains some ruins. Rare musical score and songs are played by Lee Van Cleef. Atmospheric and colorful cinematography by John Cabrera. The movie is produced by Milton Sperling (¨Battle of Bulge¨), Irving Lerner(¨Royal hunt of sun¨) and the prestigious screenwriter Philip Jordan (the classic ¨Johnny Guitar¨ and ¨Bad man's river¨ again with Van Cleef). The motion picture is regularly directed by Alexander Singer. The flick will appeal to S.W. buffs and Lee Van Cleef fans .

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