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Christopher Lee as Spanish Captain
Gregory Peck as Capt. Horatio Hornblower R.N
James Robertson Justice as Seaman Quist
Virginia Mayo as Lady Barbara Wellesley
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Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

A great picturization of C.S. Forester's famous novel of romance , adventure and sea battles

This is a breathtaking and handsomely story full of remarkable adventures , being adapted from C.S. Forester novel , a much successful seafaring writer.Set during the Napoleonic wars, this movie takes place from 1807 to 1808. It starts in the year 1807 , when Europe has been vanquished by Napoleon, and only the British Navy stands in his way to total victory . Nearly the cost of South America, a new conflict is brewing . As British Navy Captain Horatio Hornblower (Gregory Peck) aboard along with the ship Lieutenant William Bush (Robert Beatty) , 2nd Lt. Gerard (as Terence Morgan) , Midshipman Longley (James Kenney) , and Seaman Quist (James Robertson Justice) , all of them have adventures in Central American waters . Crossing the coast of South America on the lookout for enemies and after various weeks of uneventful sailing they arrive in a dangerous coast where governs Don Julian Alvarado, who is planning an attack against France's Spanish allies on the North American continent . While a Spanish Galleon is en route and Horatio no sooner captures it and hands it over to Alvarado (Alec Mango) . Then , he meets a reluctant host, the beautiful sister of the Duke of Wellington, Lady Barbara Wellesley (Virginia Mayo) . Wherever adventure beckons, you'll find Captain Horatio Hornblower!. The sun never sets on his world of adventure.

Epic adventure and seafare story , plenty of action , character studio , a love story and spectacular maritime battles . This rousing adventure/war movie is packed with action , loving drama with interesting human relations, thrills , and impressive maritime battles. The Hornblower series of books were written by C.S. Forester and he adapted his own novels for this movie. As the movie is based on three "Hornblower" novels: ""Beat to Quarters" (or "The Happy Return"), "Ship of the Line", and "Flying Colours". These were all written in 1938, and were the first books of the series. The naval battle sequences are quite good , the movie is well developed because it gets to know the seamen who are locked aboard the narrow quarters of a three-masted frigate HMS and how they relationship everyday .Groundbreaking special effects with splendid scale-model ships and to save costs, the "Hispaniola" from Treasure island (1950) was re-used and renamed "Lydia . The rights to the novel were originally acquired by Warner Brothers with Errol Flynn in mind, but after some financial failures and growing difficulties with the actor, he was not cast. Subsequently producers hired Burl Lancaster but he ruled out , that's way he was playing his successful swashbucklers : The flame and the arrow , The crimson pirate , so Gregory Peck was ultimately cast. .Good-looking Gregory Peck gives an attractive acting as the unflappable Capt. Hornblower of the British Navy who is sent on a secret mission to divert Napoleon's Spanish allies by sponsoring a megalomaniac's Central American revolution . And Virginia Mayo who plays a star-crossed romantic interlude with Peck , she was only cast after several high-profile British actresses were either not available or uninterested . Support cast is pretty good , such as Robert Beatty , Terence Morgan , Christopher Lee , James Robertson Justice , Stanley Baker , Dennis O'Dea, Michael Goodliffe , Diane Cilento , Alec Mango , Christopher Lee and theatrical movie debut of Jack Watson as Captain Sylvester .

Colorful cinematography in Technicolor by Guy Green . The wonderful photography reflects magnificently the marvelous maritime exteriors and adequate interiors . Being shot in several locations as Rye, East Sussex, England , Villefranche-sur-Mer, Alpes-Maritimes, France , French Riviera, Mediterranean Sea : sea battle scenes and Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK . As well as rousing and exciting musical score by Robert Farnon . This adventure yarn with a romance slipped in was well directed by Raoul Walsh . From his starts in the silent cinema Raoul achieved successful films until the 50s and forward , early 60s , when he was less dominant , but is still stayed lots of lusty adventure , stories of comradeship and friendship , and Raoul makes the most of plentiful action scenes . Walsh was an expert director of all kind genres but with penchant in Western as ¨Colorado territory¨ , ¨They died with their boots on¨, ¨Along the great divide¨, ¨Saskatchewan¨, ¨King and four queens¨ , ¨The sheriff of fractured jaw¨, ¨A distant trumpet¨ ; Adventure as ¨Thief of Bagdad¨, ¨Captain Horatio Hornblower¨, ¨World in his hands¨, ¨Blackbeard the pirate¨ , ¨Sea devils¨ ; Warlike as ¨Objetive Burma¨ , ¨Northern pursuit¨, ¨Marines let's go¨ ; and Noir film as ¨White heat¨, ¨High Sierra¨, ¨They drive by night¨, ¨The roaring twenties¨. Rating : Fairly straightforward movie and above average . This interesting adventure and action film makes it of the finest of Raoul Walsh genre entries

Reviewed by thinker1691 8 / 10

" I'm Not worried, ' Long as Captain Hornblower is in command "

Raoul Walsh has many great films to his credit and once you see his name as director, you know the man has imbued his work with all the panache of a great artist. To his credit and well placed among his best work is the sea epic " Captain Horatio Hornblower." This story comes from the fertile and imaginative mind of novelist C. S. Forester who's famed hero has spawned a dozen books, films and T.V. specials. In this particular movie, we have legendary actor Gregory Peck playing the gallant and dashing swashbuckler aboard His Majestys' ship Lydia, Her secret mission is placed in the mists of the Napoleonic wars, charged to deliver guns and ammunition to a pint-size delusional dictator Don Julian Alvarado (Alec Mango) who greets him as a ally but later becomes a belligerent adversary. To help him in his quest is, Lt. William Bush (Robert Beatty) an admirable and courageous second in command. Lt. Crystal (Moultrie Kelsall) an excellent navigator. 2nd Lt. Gerard, Gunnery Officer (Terence Morgan) and Mr. Longley, (James Kenny) Midshipman and junior ensign. Together, with James Justice as 'Seaman Quist' they spend five years on the high seas, braving hunger, thirst and war time experiences, including saving beautiful Lady Barbara Wellesley (Virginia Mayo). A fine story fit for re-telling to any generation ****

Reviewed by planktonrules 9 / 10

Just terrific--they don't make adventure films like this anymore!

No, I have not read the Hornblower novels by C. M. Forrester, nor have I seen the recent mini-series, so keep this in mind when reading the following review.

This is a wonderful old adventure movie and highly reminiscent of the old swashbuckling films of Errol Flynn--though a lot more realistic. Gregory Peck plays the title character, a British naval officer during the Napoleonic Wars. When the film begins, you find Peck's ship in difficult straits--they are on a secret mission and nothing seems to be going right--there is no wind, they've not seen land in seven months AND they're practically out of food and water! Fortunately, the good captain is an expert seaman and navigator and they find the fortress of "El Supremo"---a totally megalomaniacal and incompetent revolutionary. The plan is apparently to give him a huge supply of guns and ammunition in order to destabilize the Spanish colonies in the Americas (since Spain is at this point an ally of France). I need to mention that during all this daring-do, he meets up with lovely Virginia Mayo and wins her heart because of his bravery, compassion and overall sense of decency--too bad she's already engaged to Peck's commanding officer! What exactly happens next to is just something you'll have to see for yourself. However, there are some inspiring but realistic adventures through which Hornblower gains the reputation as a great officer.

This is a wonderful film--the sort of adventure film they just don't make anymore. And, it's no surprise then that this was directed by Raoul Walsh--the same man that directed many of Flynn's greatest films. On top of excellent adventure, Peck's hero is a little bit more complex and human than those played by Flynn. Plus, the writing and acting are superb--not a film to be missed.

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