Cardinal Matter


Action / Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.9 10 130

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Kelsey Crane as Erin Walker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by niaz_islam 3 / 10

Full of plot holes

As a movie "Cardinal Matter" does not matter. The script was weak and full of plot holes. Various actions of the different characters throughout the movie was not logical and script also fails to provide any explanation about these actions. Throughout the movie you miss the logic dearly but in the climax scene logic will disappear entirely. You will wonder this is why I waste my precious time and money.

Although acting skill of some of the actors and actresses was decent enough, but others were horrible. Tim Parrish who played the role of policeman could not look into the other persons eye for five seconds when delivering a dialogue. He was always looking here and there. The sheriff was another character who hardly had any expression in his face. Matthew Stannah who played the role of Cale Fleischer acts quite decently but when he had to deliver a long dialogue his expressions got messed up towards the end. And the extras who has the small roles they are the worst.


Reviewed by rolf_petersen 7 / 10

A breath of fresh air sex scenes, no children, no dogs, no car chases, no catchy, memorial one-liners....just a reasonable drama with reasonable acting. Yes, a few holes, but come on, almost every movie ever made has holes. Hollywood lives on them. Yes, violence also, but given the story line, I don't see how the movie could have been made without it. The nitpickers can go watch some special effects with lots of inclusivity, and the above standards, but this movie was a welcome departure from all that.

Reviewed by droidtime 1 / 10

dont waste your time

Turned this movie on just for something to watch and didnt have any expectations but it was just plain boring, the story sucks and the ending is even worse.

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