Caribbean Summer


Comedy / Family / Romance

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Heather Hemmens as Jade Taylor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 8 / 10

Different story

While there are echoes of some familiar themes, play this movie through and it is a different kind of story. The major difference doesn't show up until more or less the middle. Starting out, it looks a little familiar. Jade has an embarrassing breakup and needs to escape for some recuperation. She's not a reporter, but she has that instinct and thinks she sees a story in the scam she got caught in. The workaholic doesn't want to let go and keeps communicating with her buddies back at the newsroom in NYC. Meanwhile, pretty much everyone else is telling her to slow down and relax. For a while, we see her start to do that, and in so doing she begins to notice that Ford is a hunk (which everyone else is pointing out to her).

The twist in the middle changes the whole story and peaks the viewer's interest. Unfortunately, a lot of predictable stuff happens as a direct result of that twist. Even so, I thought the twist was good and the pacing of the story also.

I didn't recognize that I had seen and loved Heather Hemmens last Christmas but also another movie I didn't like. I can't say I've seen Ser'Darius Blain before. I thought they had good chemistry even if the Ford character is pretty laid back. I liked that their initial confrontation was totally reasonable given the ridiculous circumstances. Ford had sympathy for Jade's situation and Jade, whom I thought was going to be a prima donna, acted appropriately apologetic. The obligatory misunderstanding, or really secret exposure, was also reasonably done. Jade maybe could have explained better, but it made sense how Ford reacted. These are little things, but I liked how they ran just a little bit contrary to how those things are usually done in these movies.

The dialogue has some high points. The scenery has breathtaking moments. Supporting actors are good.

Reviewed by billcrook 8 / 10

This is a good one!

I've been a fan of Hallmark Channel for several years now as it's been difficult to find a TV show that's worth watching. Though Hallmark Channel movies are formulaic with many having the same basic story, they're still better than most network programing. And of course some are better than others with Caribbean Summer one of the better ones! The story here is somewhat original and Heather Hemmens and Ser'Darius Blain do a great job in the leading roles. The supporting cast is very good and the location scenery from Belize is terrific! Definitely one of the good ones from Hallmark.

Reviewed by shobbs-86081 6 / 10

Pretty setting and people but s-l-o-w as molasses

It was really hard to watch this as the pace was really slow - maybe it was purposeful due to the Caribbean locale? But my mind wandered and I really couldn't get into the show... Interesting concept and story but not well-executed...

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