Catch .44


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Reviewed by Caleb Whitney 1 / 10

Evacuate my Bowels onto this Dreck

Tried too hard throughout to be a Tarantino film, but missed the mark precisely because you could tell it was "trying." I swear to all the filthy gods of our fathers, if my television was one of those old deep tube TVs that could explode, I would've effing shot it like Elvis shot out his TV when he was watching Robert Goulet on the Mike Douglas show. The only difference is I wasn't watching in a hotel.

This is one of the worst wannabe films I've ever seen in my entire effing life. Put another way, if I had a chance to defecate on this film, I would drop a steaming deuce on it and punch the producer's mother in the mouth.

Reviewed by Jeffrey Burton 2 / 10

Quite Possibly The Worst Written Movie of All Time.

Actors read scripts in order to figure out if they want to do a movie, right? Well, obviously Forest Whitaker, Bruce Willis, Brad Dourif, Malin Ackerman, Deborah Ann Woll, Nikki Reed and that dude from Boardwalk Empire DON'T. This is attempting be be a mid 90's, Quentin Taratino, style caper movie. That would be okay if it didn't rip off the style including extended dialogue with none of the wit or crispness of Q's work, directly stole some scenes and attempted to copy Robert Richardson's cinematography to try to polish this turd. They even try to do a non-linear thing which comes off as embarrassingly self-conscious. To give you an idea of how ludicrous this is, Ackerman takes a ride with Forest and spends almost a day with him and then doesn't remember him two years later. But no, this isn't 'Still Alice'. Then they do a 3-way standoff (sound familiar?) that seems to last for an eternity (not in good way).I'm giving it a 2 because I like to look at Malin Ackerman and Deborah Ann Woll. I would give it another point for Forest's strange but highly watchable performance but nothing can overcome this horrid material. Oh, and they throw in s 70's style title at the end to make their attempted theft complete. Frank Lloyd Wright didn't think imitation was the sincerest form of flattery. He called it, 'Spitting in your master's coffee'. This is a whole sh!tload of spit.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 6 / 10


While "Catch .44" has an incredibly simple storyline, it does have some rather interesting elements; the way that the story was put together with usage of present and past events. But what really carried the movie was some really good acting performances.

The story is about Tes, Kara and Dawn who decide to interfere with a drug Exchange, hoping to get their hands on either a large amount of cash or drugs. But the three women find themselves at a remote dinner at 3 o'clock in the night when everything is about to go down.

Forest Whitaker was phenomenal in this movie and he alone makes the movie worthwhile to watch. It was also nice to see Bruce Willis in a bad guy role for a change.

"Catch .44" is driven by a phenomenal parade of acting performances. The movie could have taken on many more dimensions, were it not limited to playing out in a single diner. But director Aaron Harvey did manage to piece together a wholehearted movie.

This movie is well-worth watching if you enjoy a fast-paced and entertaining movie, despite its simplicity.

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