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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by celt007 3 / 10


Boring movie that insists upon itself. What it lacks in story makes up in cinematography . The acting is good , but when the story is weak and the direction of weak material fails to improve upon the story we are left with a boring , uninteresting , movie that wants its viewers to believe it is good. Not sure where Hollywood is headed but if you are looking to be entertained this is not the movie for you . My suggestion is get back to movie making and story telling in epic fashion . Seems we have to genres now , comic book movies and vanity projects . One can only hope for a return to cinema , if not , we can watch the oldies .

Reviewed by Matt-Canalcon 7 / 10

Solid handling of a heavy subject

I don't know if Causeway will be talked about during the Oscar season, but I thought the film was pretty solid. It's a slow examination of PTSD & the frustrating process of rehabilitation with strong performances from Jennifer Lawrence & Brian Tyree Henry at its core, their dynamic is what made the movie work for me even though it can be a tough watch at times considering the nature of the subject.

Jennifer Lawrence's character suffers from an incident in Afghanistan and she still has to deal with the repercussions now that she's back home, a place that she doesn't necessarily like to be. It's mostly a quiet film but it has some strong moments of emotions, especially towards the end where I felt like they did a good job making us care about the characters. The people in this movie felt very natural and that's just good casting & acting. A good reminder that Jennifer Lawrence can act.

The relationship between Jennifer Lawrence's character (Lynsey) and her family & friends is what drives this film. She has some work to do on her physical & mental health and we witness her journey as she tries to adjust to her new life. The bond she builds with Brian Tyree Henry is heartfelt as they share a similar trauma and are trying to help each other. It's not something I would be willing to watch again in the near future, it's a heavy subject, but at least there's some light in there to give us hope and make us appreciate the material.


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