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Reviewed by jakeben 5 / 10

Great visuals and concept but loses suspense and pacing with poor ending.

First off I relish watching any Irish horror film being from Dublin and a big horror buff I'm always on the look out for a great Irish horror film and there have been at least a couple. I really wanted to love this film after seeing the great trailer and poster. Top marks for the trailer and poster. This film had my full and undivided attention up to the first hour passing and unfortunately it really began to lose me thereafter. I really wondered why that was. I think the story is gaining momentum for the first hour, it's really well shot, it sounds great and the story is original but when it boils down to it the characters in the film were quite difficult to really relate to and emphathize with. I didn't care what happened to the main character in the latter moments of the film and the suspense had vanished. 'Caveat' feels like a great idea for a short film that was then used for a feature film instead. It feels very long and a bit repetitive after a short period of time. I wasn't interested in any of the characters and I think that's the film's downside. There wasn't any bad acting or anything like that I just didn't feel anything for any of those characters. Maybe such a small cast also added to my feelings of disinterest. The ending in particular felt very weak, there was no pay off at the end at all. Great photography, great sound design but uninteresting characters, a muddled narrative, very light on any horror of any kind. I really wanted to love it but the last half an hour lost me completely. There is certainly real talent behind this film in particular behind the lense but it won't be a rewatch for me. 5/10

Reviewed by JvH48 4 / 10

Interesting movie for its visuals and sound. Tense for an hour but after that it loses its logic and it lost me too

Saw this at the Imagine filmfestival, usually in Amsterdam but now 100% online. An interesting movie as far as visuals and sound is concerned. It kept me very tense for the full first hour. After that, alas, the logic failed on me. I could not care less what the protagonists did and said, and who would live or die in the end. Apart from that, the dialog was not fully understandable (due to the Irish language??), which could have made me miss some clues. The final scene was completely lost on me.

Reviewed by timiaan 6 / 10

Lost in the cellar?

Was really rooting for this to work, it has so many elements for a great horrorstory (all of them really). Crazy family members, a deserted island, a creepy house and an even creepier possessed toy. Even a shot of the mysterious cellar steps in 5 minutes running time (which must be a record). Unfortunately the script might have got lost in the cellar too. Or did the dog eat the final version? Pity, because styling, acting, sound design and setup promised so much. Fun, but unnecessarily confusing.

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