Cazuza: Time Doesn't Stop


Biography / Drama / Music / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 3616

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by world2you 10 / 10

Honest, Inspiring and Unforgettable

Not being a Cazuza fan, I was remarkably impressed with how good, inspiring, and unforgettable this movie proved to be.

Some may be put off by the narrative style, which employs a significant amount of freedom in its composition. We aren't treated to a normal dramatic progression, instead being given specific segments of time covering Cazuza's adventures, relationships, dreams and hardships, as if we were looking at a picture book. This brings a sense of poetry, liveliness and urgency to the picture, even if it may displease moviegoers used to Hollywood film-making.

The Cinematography - as the narrative style - is urgent, free-floating, using only hand-held cameras. To put it quite simply, the picture perfectly captures the poetry of being young, of hoping for better days, of yearning to feel alive and connect with people.

Daniel de Oliveira's performance is easily one of the best I've seen this decade, and I hope he picks up many awards around the globe with his work - both extremely convincing and captivating. He's one of your great young actors, and I hope to see him in many more pictures.

Thankfully, this is a picture that can be enjoyed by any Brazilian, as it is a testimony of a great period of our culture. This film is not only about Cazuza - is about any kid out there with dreams in his heart and the courage to try and go some good in this world.

Congratulations to Carvalho, Werneck, Lucinha and co. for creating one of the Best Brazilian films in recent memory.

Our idols cannot - and will not - be forgotten.

Reviewed by Emerenciano 8 / 10

Right tribute to a great musician


If you're not Brazil and have never lived here, you probably don't know Cazuza. But Brazilian people and lucky ones who lived in this country in the 1980's know this great composer and singer. In 1981 he begun his career as the singer of Barão Vermelho, that soon became one of the most popular Brazilian rock bands. With great heats playing on TV and radio, Cazuza and his band got fans all over the country. In 1985 he decided he wouldn't keep on playing with his mates and kicked out a solo career, that took five years. Cazuza had more success due to his talent and courage to sing everything he wanted. Unfortunately, he also kept on using drugs and with dangerous free sex habits. As a consequence, he got AIDS. Even after the discovery of this terrible disease, he kept on singing and showing no fear of showing the whole country the effects of AIDS. In 1990 he died. This is the story everybody (in Brazil at least) knows. This is what we saw on TV news, magazines and newspapers. The film shows it all in a beautiful, but at the same time strong, way. Daniel Oliveira plays the protagonist in a great way, and physically he really looks like Cazuza. Marieta Severo and Reginaldo Faria, two of the best Brazilian actors, play Cazuza's parents, who never left him alone. Walter Carvalho and Sandra Werneck direct this movie in a remarkably way. Cameras are never totally stopped. There's always some kind of movement, as if the cameramen had the cameras on their shoulders all the time. This gives a flavour of movement, that makes some kind of tense atmosphere.

My Rate 8/10

Reviewed by fuufuu-1 5 / 10

just quick notes about his life for those who knows all about his life.

It was very disappointing because I wanted to know about who was Cazuza, why he was writing those songs and saying how bad was his family, his class and the evil Brazil.

All I've discovered was a spoiled child that want to do everything he intend to. There were no repercussion about his real personal life and how he became friend of the Barao Vermelho's members again after their separation and discussions.

After all, its pointless to watch it if you have no idea about who is that guy, that Brazilian singer... The last part of the movie should't longer, it was the most dramatic part of his life and that kind of thing works on movies biographies. Maybe his mother didn't want to watch it or reaffirm the disease his is remembered for.

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