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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 61%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 586

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Jodelle Ferland as Young Celine
Enrico Colantoni as Rene Angelil
Samantha Weinstein as Margaret
Peter MacNeill as Adhemar Dion

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gittelgirl 6 / 10

Good movie, just not an accurate account

I enjoyed this movie, as TV movies go. There are no shocking spoilers; I think most people know the story of Celine's rise to fame and fortune and her relationship with Rene Angelil. We see Celine as a little girl, performing for her family, and at her brother's wedding. Once Rene hears her sing, he is willing to risk his marriage and finances to make her a star. Celine grows up and ends up having to hide her romantic relationship with Rene. Where I felt the producers took license with her actual life time line began with the moment she and Rene speak with the writer of "My Heart Will Go On", the theme song from the movie "Titanic". While it is true that Celine took this song and the movie to amazing heights, the movie suddenly crunches this event and the occurrence of their marriage and birth of their son in to a very short period of time. I think it would have better served viewers to have an explanation of events that occurred after that period of time. Overall, though, it is fairly well acted, and Enrico Colantoni looks amazingly like Rene Angelil.

Reviewed by achba 9 / 10

Lots of heart in this movie. Well Done!

It has always been much easier to criticize things than to build them. I find the degree to which some have criticized this film to be amazing . I thought the film quite good. You cannot expect real people to be captured exactly in film, as exact clones do not exist, and all biographical films are by necessity small sketches, as time is so short. This is a very warm story about a great family and a girl who worked her butt off and captured a dream. Perhaps it would have been more technically accurate to tell the story in French, as the first half of her career was all in French, but then 95% of her fans would not understand it. The actors did a marvelous job of showing us this family. Read the book for detail. It is good, and it was written in French, so you can get the detail there. It would be sad to miss this story. It makes your heart glad.

Reviewed by aerialla 5 / 10

Too Many Mistakes...Possible Spoilers

This is coming from a Celine Dion fan since 1990 and her first US album.

The actress playing Celine in the later years Christine Ghawi did do a fantastic job of portraying Celine as did Erico Colantoni playing Rene Angelil. These actors jobs were the only thing right and worth seeing.

It was obvious that the writers of this did not do enough research into Celine's life. All it would have required is reading her autobiography. The ending was very rushed leaving out huge gaps in her career and jumbling so much together that it left me shaking my head. Not to mention some very important details that were either left on the cutting room floor or omitted completely. It is no wonder why this movie was This movie is really geared more toward a casual fan. For them it would be an interesting watch just to really see where she started from.unauthorized by Celine.

For true Celine fans I would actually say give this movie a pass. There are just too many discrepancies to fully enjoy the movie without wanting to yell the errors at the TV.

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