Century of the Dragon

1999 [CN]

Action / Crime

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 330

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by atravaglini 7 / 10

"prequel" to Infernal Affairs?

If you like the "Infernal Affairs" series you will most likely enjoy this film as well. Andy Lau and Steven Chang also are in the cast of this film and the roles they play seem very similar to the ones created in the "Infernal Affairs" films. Regardless this is an enjoyable film told with great performances from Louis Koo and Andy Lau. Filmed three years before "Infernal Affairs" it clearly hasn't the budget of "Infernal Affairs". However the story of the film creates the same compassion for the character as "Infernal Affairs", so it is a very enjoyable film to watch. And Yes, I do think it is the same story. Watch it, it really is. A cop goes undercover to infiltrate the gang and becomes the sole insider reporting to one cop who may or may not be crooked... Very similar. But bravo for achieving the same theme as successfully with a much smaller budget.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Routine gangster drama

CENTURY OF THE DRAGON is a routine, little-known gangster drama from Hong Kong, chiefly of interest for teaming up two of the region's biggest stars, Andy Lau and Louis Koo. The former plays an old-time gangster, supposedly retired but still very much in the thick of things; Koo is an undercover cop come to sort things out. With director Clarence Fok at the help, this is a film which is all about melodrama and over-emoting from the central characters. A wealth of violent incident is interspersed amid the plotting and dialogue, but none of it means very much when the characters are underwritten and unlikeable in some instances. In the end, CENTURY OF THE DRAGON is a film that washes over you rather than drawing you in.

Reviewed by dyogenez 7 / 10

Better than Y&D at least

After watching the entire Y&D, watching this was a welcomed change. It has much more of a defined storyline, and with more violence with a reason. It starts with an undercover cop being sent to nail Fai-lone, the lead boss of the Hung Hing triad. He learns that Fai-lone is no longer a triad boss, but he is straight. As there is still corruption in the group, the undercover cop and Fai-lone have the same target in mind and must eliminate the betrayer. Only knowing that this film had Andy Lau in it was enough to draw me to watch. It turned out to be well worth it. The acting by him and number of the girls, including his wife in the girls, is great. Many of the guys play 'strong' emotionless characters with some room for development. The story is at least original, although most of it dragged on too slow. There isn't much action, but the dialog and situations are enough to sty interested most of the time. 7/10.

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