Challenge the Devil

1963 [ITALIAN]

Fantasy / Horror

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 128

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Christopher Lee as Mephistoles
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 8 / 10

Castle of illusion.

"Katarsis" tells a simple story of six Italians stranded in the castle of illusion.The owner of the castle is Mephisto himself played by Christopher Lee.Three men and three women drink,dance and behave loudly.Suddenly Mephistopheles appears.The fun is over and the nightmare begins...Extremely obscure and moody Gothic romp which begins as a spy thriller and ends in a truly nightmarish fashion.The labyrinth of mirrors welcomes our sextet of protagonists.This is a Gothic tale of Faust,curses,ghosts and spiders that will have a cathartic effect on the lives of six unlucky Italians.The sequence of orgiastic dance is fun to watch and Christopher Lee appears for about ten minutes of screen time.The script is badly written,but I had a blast watching this ultra-obscure and unknown Italian horror flick.8 out of 10.

Reviewed by Bunuel1976 3 / 10

KATARSIS (Giuseppe Veggezzi, 1963) *1/2

This is definitely Christopher Lee's most obscure European genre effort and, in retrospect, one of the weakest from any phase in his prolific career – in fact, I would even venture to name it the worst entry in the Gothic Horror cycle emanating from Italy! Incidentally, the copy I watched was culled from a recent late-night screening on Italian TV – its first ever broadcast (where the on-screen title was the alternate one SFIDA AL DIAVOLO) which, given the dire results, is not surprising! Truth be told, the genre icon's presence (or its three stages, since he goes from the reclusive pathetic owner of a decaying mansion – his fair hair unintentionally evoking Shakespeare's Hamlet, in whose celebrated 1948 film version Lee had actually appeared in a bit-part! – to a dark Mephistophelean figure and, finally, revealed to be the previously imperceptible victim of a mugging) within the film hardly amounts to 10 minutes of its 76-minute running-time!

The film starts off as a lame chase thriller with pious undertones, is stopped dead in its tracks by a slew of pointless musical numbers, then turns into a hedonistic drama on the lines of (but a long way after) THESE ARE THE DAMNED (1963) – with the best-known member of the younger cast, Giorgio Ardisson, actually the one to ham it up most relentlessly! – before settling into some typical haunted-house antics (with some cob-webbed interiors and scuttling creatures notching up a few points for Cocteau-like atmosphere). The mix could have actually proved quite interesting but, since director Veggezzi (whose name was unfamiliar to me – and it did not take long to discover why) displayed remarkable incompetence throughout, the end result is almost on a par with the notorious work of Ed Wood!

Reviewed by georgeuriah 3 / 10

A Horrendous Mess rather than a horror film..

This film must be one of the most difficult C.Lee's movies to find and I was (un)lucky to see it in an after midnight screening in an open-air cinema under the title "La Sfida Al Diavolo".It follows the story of a group of teenagers who like wild parties and wind up stranded in a castle in which C.Lee appears as the castle keeper dressed in medieval style. Meanwhile, a subplot involves a suitcase and a spy ring and guess what, Lee appears again dressed in suit! I can't remember much, (it's been 10 years or so), but the overall impression was that this movie was destined for wider audiences (for example, there's a scene in a nightclub where singer Isabella Ianetti sings "t'hanno visto domenica sera"!!) and somehow the scenes in the castle were added afterwards. The plot is incomprehensible and totally absurd, Lee has very little screen time and from time to time the viewer has to suffer a ludicrous voice-over! The few people in the theater were laughing all the time, since no one could take seriously this movie. I myself, thought it was a horrendous mess, however, I certainly would like to see it once more, for collector's sake.

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