Challenger Disaster: Lost Tapes


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Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 9 / 10


Looking back to the good ole year of 1986, where I was fifteen and a half, I remember this horrible tragedy vividly, where 7 astronauts participated in this trial of this new space shuttle for charity. But it was one to be that of trial and error, where we find out why at the end, a little fault involving a busted O ring, which makes it more so damaging. The Shuttle take off here had already been postponed. What's scarring and so heartbreaking, in this excellent doco, that focuses on one of the participants, schoolteacher Christa, was that she was so in rapture, and we spend so much time with her, after she was picked out of many names to be one of 7 on that fatal flight, where the Challenger had exploded in a horrifyingly and unforgettably visual image, just 73 seconds from s take off. We have the sea of horrified onlookers, and the students from Christa's which is all too real, or cruelly confronting, for us viewers, too. Believe me, after watching this, this will stir in your mind afterwards. We see interviews with Christa, back in 85, prefore to that tragic January 28th day, 123 months before the Port Arthur massacre, in fact. This brings me back to a different time, where people were nicer, for one thing. Christa was such a beautiful person, and this is what's so heartbreaking, how seven lives were taken so easily, due to such a little fault. Reagen's speech was beautiful, honoring the victims, where years later I had a visual nightmare about this tragedy, watching the shuttle blow up, which was kind of chilling, as it had me thinking in the dream as I recall the next successful shuttle take off, mentioned in this. This is a first rate must doco, and important one you should see, no matter where you were, or if you weren't a twinkling in your mother's eye.

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