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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tarbosh22000 7 / 10

"Geteven" is just more proof that the video store era produced inimitable works of bizarre creative art.

Guh? Buh? Wuh? It's hard to put into actual words the magic and majesty of "Geteven". Interestingly, it's all one word, in quotes. We would be left speechless, but we're here to provide a review, so we will, to the best of our ability. Movies like this are rare gems, diamonds in the rough of life that defy reviews. But we'll give it the old college try. "Geteven" has that silly, wacky, absurd, amateurish feel where nothing is coherent. And thank goodness for that! It's all too rare, especially in today's world of boring, polished product. Movies like "Geteven" are why nostalgia for the video store era is at an all-time high. It produced moments in time like this that will never be duplicated or equaled.

Of course, the enjoyment is all because of one man, the great John De Hart. Out of seemingly nowhere, he wrote, directed in starred in this movie, a great showcase for his talents. If "Geteven" or, as it's also known, Road To Revenge, is to be believed, not only can he do all those things, but he is also a master joke teller, reciter of Shakespeare, and, in the showstopper of the film, a singer and dancer. He also spends plenty of screen time making sweet, sweet love to Pamela Bryant, who presumably was on board with this and knew what she was getting into. Is there anything he can't do? De Hart is like a more stiff and wooden Chris Mitchum. That's a compliment. The facial expressions he makes while singing his signature tune, "The Shimmy Slide", are priceless, and look like he's forced to Shimmy Slide at gunpoint by assailants that have kidnapped his family and forced him to perform for their own amusement. He doesn't really project when he speaks, but he sure does when he sings. The icing on the cake is his awesome wardrobe, with a new, stunning shirt in every scene. The guy is so cool, he even gets married in early-90's casualwear.

While "Geteven" could be reasonably compared to Miami Connection (1987), Deadly Prey (1987), Samurai Cop (1989), Warrior of Justice (1995), and Night of the Kickfighters (1988), in truth, it's very much like the productions of early PM. The presences of Wings Hauser and William Smith would reinforce this. As would the fact that De Hart dons a black tanktop as his "Revenge Outfit", just like Lawrence Hilton Jacobs did before him. Even though the production is wonderfully, unashamedly threadbare, Wings seems to give his all, and Smith does what Smith does. In the movie, things just randomly happen, with weird cuts and no explanations. And there's line dancing. It all just adds to the fun.

Featuring yet another De Hart musical composition, "I'll Be With You", "Geteven" is just more proof that the video store era produced inimitable works of bizarre creative art that should be treasured because they won't ever be repeated. Like a shooting star that blazes across the sky briefly but beautifully, the works of Matt Hannon, Jay Roberts Jr., Andy Bauman and, of course, John De Hart, should be admired, as we are lucky to get a chance to see them.

Reviewed by rhinocerosfive-1 1 / 10

wow. I mean, wow.

This is one of those things you're not supposed to see, like a snuff film or that moment in the bathroom at the party when you quickly shut the door and try to forget who you witnessed doing what. I was fortunate enough to be shown this buried treasure by a friend, who had borrowed a copy under the strict injunction not to reveal his source. There is good reason for this kind of secrecy, as it's maybe the worst movie I've ever seen, and I say this: I who was in "Gargoyle's Revenge" AND "Backstage Pass." So I sort of know what I'm talking about.

There is not a single element of this production that stands up to even passing scrutiny - the found and barely decorated locations, the trite and derivative story, the hideous costumes, the sometimes hysterical dialog, all are utterly unconvincing. But any and all of those component elements pale beside the central performance of John De Hart.

This film is basically a vanity piece for Mr De Hart, a sometime lawyer who wanted to be a movie star. So he wrote, if you can call it that, and directed, and I wouldn't call it that, this turkey, starring, of course, himself. Whatever vanity he may have thought would be stoked must have turned to horror once he saw the result - unless he's as delusional about his film presence as he was about his directing hand. His credits apparently include a stage production of "Hamlet", in which (in defiance of all credulity) he played the melancholy Dane. If anybody knows of a revival, I'd give a lot to catch a matinée. Really. Let me know. I also own a copy of "Plan 9 from Outer Space."

The high point of this film is when De Hart gets onstage in a honky-tonk that looks suspiciously like a small rec room in somebody's Kagel Canyon bungalow, and not terribly different from one of the porn sets at the Cabana Motel on Sepulveda Boulevard. Not only does de hart of the picture play a tough guy, a lover, and a clever detective (all with the same facial expression, something like panic crossed with egotism), he takes canny advantage of the early-90s preoccupation with bubble gum country music. Yes, he puts on a cowboy hat and sings a really bad song, a song Miley Cyrus's dad would have rejected, a song that we are lucky enough to see all the way through, with only a few cutaways of Wings Hauser trying not to barf. As if to cement his stature as the most wooden star since Kaw-Liga the cigar store Indian, De Hart sings the whole song standing in one spot with his hands at waist level, ready to catch the panties of an appreciative public. His singing, it may be mentioned, is every bit as strong as his acting; the two skills are further related by sharing the same single note, which by the second refrain is stretched pretty thin.

There are many lessons to be learned here: let somebody else direct your first movie; if nobody will finance your script, maybe you shouldn't put up your own money; if nobody will cast you, perhaps there's a reason. But the saddest lesson is that talent and ambition may not prevent the black mark of something like this on your resume. Wings Hauser is a very good actor; he's excellent in the string of drive-in shoot-em-ups he made in the 80s, and even after he was forced to make straight-to-video potboilers for ten years, he gave a marvelous single-scene cameo in "The Insider." Yet he's in this. And he sucks in it. Granted, he sucks immensely less than some of the other parts. But Laurence Olivier would have sucked in this thing, because the gravity of the picture hauls light from billions of miles away into the black hole that is "Road to Revenge."

Also classing up the joint: Conan's dad, real-life war hero and tough guy intellectual William Smith, whose steady film career of being beaten up by Clint Eastwood and James Garner was thankfully not ended by this appearance as a drug dealing Satanist-cum-Superior Court judge; and Pamela Jean Bryant, only a scant 15 years after her heyday as Miss April.

But the really, really good news is that the wait is over: millions of grateful fans will be glad to hear that this film is now available on DVD, retitled as GET EVEN. On the GETEVENTHEMOVIE website you can watch De Hart sing "Shimmy Slide" in its full 3 minute glory. Just so you won't think I was kidding.

Reviewed by wolfhell88 3 / 10

Do the "Shimmy Ride"

There are good films and there are bad films and – there are films like „Get Even", a film just made for the ego of one-time writer, producer, soundtrack composer, lead actor and director John De Hart.

The man fights, shoots, sings, meditates, makes love to a very beautiful woman (the lovely Pamela Bryant), tells bad jokes and all with the same impression on his face. The funniest scene is when he enters a stage that looks more like a recording studio and sings a country song called "Shimmy Ride", looking like he's not feeling very comfortable with this situation and not always hitting the right notes. The audience is poorly edited into this scene and I am sure if this clip would be uploaded on youtube it could become a huge hit.

The only good performance comes from William Smith who plays an evil cop here who later becomes an evil judge who is also a satanic priest – wow! So much evil in one man but Smith is really impressing in his scenes.

Another B-movie legend in "Get Even" is Wings Hauser, who probably gave the worst performance of his whole career in here.

Harts fight scenes look just ridiculous and they are poorly edited. He would have needed a fighting choreographer for that scenes. Especially when he fights against William Smith at the end of the film this scene is just laughable. Smith, then 60 when this was made but looking much younger, is taller, stronger and tougher than Hart. Hart doesn't even hit him but he wins the fight. Of course, because he is the writer, producer, soundtrack composer, lead actor and director of this.

"Get Even" is also shot on bad video and the editing isn't good, too but it is a film so bad that it's funny. If you liked "Bride of the Monster" or "Plan 9 from Outer Space" you will love this one. Come on and do the "Shimmy Ride"!

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