Changing Lanes


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 53%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 65736

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Ben Affleck as Gavin Banek
Samuel L. Jackson as Doyle Gipson
Toni Collette as Michelle
William Hurt as Doyle's Sponsor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nadine Salakov 10 / 10

A must-watch.

Changing Lanes is about two people who are having difficulties in their lives, they enter each other's lives via a fender bender, one of them refuses to help the other leading into an extreme tit for tat situation throughout the entire movie.

Changing Lanes has a unique plot, the main characters "Gavin Banek" (Ben Affleck) and "Doyle Gipson" (Samuel L. Jackson) are perfect for their roles, Director Roger Michell did outstanding work with this flick, and everyone else involved in this movie did a superb job.

The film score composed by David Arnold is hip and suits the movie with it's drum and bass mixed with classical style.

Changing Lanes doesn't allow you to root for a particular character because the plot is so much more than that. We see events from both points of view and both are likable characters, the motion picture is more on the lines of "what will they do next?" rather than "what character to root for".

It's clear that "Gavin" (Affleck) is in more trouble than "Doyle" (Samuel L. Jackson) although "Doyle" is on the verge of losing his children, he is not committing crimes as opposed to "Gavin" - he is on the verge of ending up in jail and he's doing some really dodgy work with his boss/father in law, but by the end he makes the rights out of the wrongs. When you look into the plot more deeply it is highly possible that had the two main characters had not had that crazy feud, they may not have got their lives back on track in the end.

There are a few scenes that stand out, one being the scene of "Doyle" beating up these two white men after butting in their conversation because they mentioned a "black kid", at one point in the movie "Doyle"'s mentor tells him that he's "addicted to chaos", this is shown here in the scene with the two white guys, had he not been hooked on chaos and disaster, he would have just minded his own business and ignored the black kid comment or better still leave the bar, he shouldn't be drinking anyway!

A very clever and imperative scene is in the courthouse where we see "Gavin" at the same courthouse and at the same time as "Doyle", a fantastic scene that speaks so many words.

Overall a great movie.

Reviewed by jimbo-53-186511 6 / 10

Ben Affleck and Samuel L Jackson are 'court' up in the middle of a feud....

Gavin Baneck (Ben Affleck) is a lawyer who is on his way to an important court hearing when he is involved in a minor fender-bender with Doyle Gipson (Samuel L Jackson) an alcoholic businessman whom is also on his way to court for a custody hearing between his wife and kids. Baneck is so pre-occupied with getting to court on time that he is only interested in paying Gipson off rather than doing the right thing which annoys Gipson. This seemingly minor fender-bender sets off a chain of events which proves to be a fairly life-changing day for both men....

The interesting thing about Changing Lanes is that I can see it as being a film that will easily divide the masses; on the one hand some may see it as a ridiculous, far-fetched and increasingly improbable affair that lacks any sort of logic and on the other hand others may view it as being an alarmingly accurate social commentary on how seemingly rational people will resort to increasingly desperate and unreasonable measures in order to get one up on their rival. Naturally, I can see arguments for both points of view and will attempt to give a balanced review...

Despite what people may think I for one can totally believe in the foundation of this story; two people, both frustrated and perhaps not paying attention collide on the freeway. The lawyer is rich and is so wrapped up in his own affairs that he attempts to buy the poorer man off. The poor man, despite his misgivings has some moral fibre and wants things done right, but the hot-shot lawyer is in too much of a hurry and disappears leaving the poor man with no car and a massive sense of frustration. This side of it I get and I can fully believe that this type of thing is believable which makes the foundation of the film work, but there are other events in this film that don't make much sense, are hard to believe or are just plain contrived....

Baneck drops a load of paperwork on the floor in front of Gipson and Gipson happens to pick up the most important document out of everything that Baneck had in his possession. Possible? Maybe. Contrived? Certainly. Baneck's secretary recommends that Baneck gets in touch with a guy who can fix everything and solve Baneck's problems (which results in poor Gipson becoming bankrupt). This guy that Baneck's secretary knows just uses a computer to empty his bank account in order to declare Gipson bankrupt, but there is no indication as to who he is or how he achieves this???? He's just some guy with a PC who presses a couple of buttons and hey voila!!! Who is he working for and how has this skill-set been acquired?? On a slightly lesser note, I'm also puzzled as to why on a busy American Highway that not one person would pull over after an accident as an independent witness??? This is a lesser point and I realise it would kill the narrative, but in the real world I don't believe that none of the following drivers would have stopped. I also wasn't entirely impressed with Samuel L Jackson's character; he's an alcoholic and a f***up, but there's little explanation or insight into his character which is a shame as we're never given much of an understanding of him.

Despite some of the ridiculous contrivances mentioned above where the film does come good is in its representation of the two main characters; both men (in their own ways) are fairly self-obsessed individuals who fail to look at the bigger picture and predictably this comes to the fore in the closing stages creating a rather safe and predictable end.

I've given this film quite a lot of stick, but to be fair I did quite enjoy the film. The interesting thing with this film is that both men are rational at the start and I don't believe that the two men were bad in any way shape or form. I personally just think that these men both collided (I think metaphorically as well) and something as trivial as being late for court appointments and missing paperwork can cause irrational and unexplainable thought processes.

Overall, it's a decent enough social commentary/character study, but with some rough edges.

Reviewed by inspectorbob 8 / 10

Well made, great delivery, worth watching

I don't think this is my wife's kind of movie. I watched it alone, and I think it would have been a little agonizing for her to watch it because she hates stories where things go wrong and it's tense, and even worse when people MAKE things go wrong for others. So I'm not going to give anything away; no more than the movie's poster's byline, because I want you to see this movie - if you are not in the same category as my wife - and I am assuming that you are like me and don't want the whole thing given away before you get to see it: rather let it unfold and go on the intended journey with it; not knowing what's around he next bend. So why do rate it so highly? It is one of those movies that when it reaches its conclusion, makes you appreciate the journey and revel in how you got to where you did. This movie went far deeper than I expected: it probes and challenges as we live through the character's respective struggles, torment, anguish, and just generally, EMOTION! Not quite fully identifiable personally, but extreme, high level, and wholly the thing that one should "enjoy" experiencing as the viewer, being able to identify with as it strokes chords, without it feeling like they are talking about you (which crosses the boundary from entertainment and goes into something more like psychology or sermonising). A good ride!

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