Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 50345

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Jason Statham as Quentin Conners
Wesley Snipes as Lorenz / Jason York
Ryan Phillippe as Shane Dekker
Keegan Connor Tracy as Marnie Rollins
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1 hr 46 min
P/S 4 / 38

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jelloalien-34219 3 / 10

Not a good movie.....pretty bad actually.

I can best explain this movie like this: This movie felt like someone watched scenes in a bunch of other (good) cop/bad guy/bank heist/action movies and wanted to recreate all of those clichéd scenes.......and then since they had all these random scenes filmed they decided to just put them all together and call it a movie. This movie. A very bad movie with a sub-par plot, lazy script, meh dialogue, and a poor attempt at making it "smart" by bringing up the chaos theory (which based on how they describe what the chaos theory is, none of it really even happens in this movie).

If you like bad movies, this ones worth a watch.

Reviewed by Nadine Salakov 9 / 10

A clever under-appreciated straight to DVD action crime thriller.

"Chaos" didn't end up in the Cinemas due to financial problems, which is what the trivia section says, well you know what? there are some really great flicks that are not popular, that underdog circumstance is not always a bad thing.

"Chaos" is subtle at times, but worth watching till the very end, sometimes the plot can seem confusing, but if you pay attention the movie will help you get back on track, this is also the type of cine that should be watched more than once especially if it is impossible to understand some aspects of the plot.

The performances are fantastic/natural, Jason Statham, Ryan Phillippe do a great job as the main characters, Wesley Snipes who doesn't have that much screen time manages to pull off being a bad guy and he isn't just a bad guy he is a creepy bad guy.

The twist is shocking and we see how clever Ryan Phillippe's character is, but by the end of the film it becomes apparent that Jason Statham's character is even more clever.

"Chaos" has a few intense shoot em up scenes and a high speed car/motorbike chase scene, it has the mystery/crime aspect and the thriller part of trying to catch the killer/killers.

Reviewed by Semisonic 3 / 10

A total chaos

This is the kind of a movie Statham earned bad rep for. And it doesn't even deserve a review, except that writing one might give you a chance to save 106 minutes of your life, a luxury I didn't have. So here goes.

First off, don't be fooled by the mumbo jumbo. This film tries so hard to look smart and slick, but ends up typical Statham stupid. The all so meaningful lines all around feel like a random scramble of big words instead of the pieces of one big puzzle that would fit together towards the end. In fact, there's no big puzzle at all: this film is so devoid of any logic and consistency that 30 minutes in I ultimately gave up trying to even guess what's going on.

But turning off your brains won't help you sit out this one. Chaos is not decent even at its action aspect. A handful of fights and shootouts, also feeling just randomly put in, are all that's gonna be served to you. And served so lazily that the film doesn't even bother trying to explain why all the stupid stuff like an unexpectedly activated loud beeper while a person carrying one lies in an ambush could happen in the first place. In fact, it's even for the better, because when the film actually tries to explain something to create at least a resemblance of some mystery unfolded, it fails so miserably you'd wish you never heard that nonsense at all.

Please, don't repeat my mistake by trusting the "it's not so bad" reviews. I don't know if the authors of those are brain-dead or just trolling. But this is not even a typical Statham movie. This is much worse, a total wreck I hope Statham and Snipes feel ashamed of now. Although, when you participate in a garbagefest like this, I doubt you worry too much about integrity or conscience. After all, such films are made with strictly one purpose in mind: to rob the naive and gullible audience out of some cash. Well, don't be a tool and stay away from this mess of a film, instead, spend your time on something more exciting, like taking a crap or washing dishes. You're welcome!

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