Charlotte Moon Mysteries: Green on the Greens


Comedy / Mystery / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 152

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FLfreak 9 / 10


The sisters, their friends, boyfriends and even the cop cousin make for a fun group of characters! Love rom com and mysteries and this has both!

Reviewed by Carolina_transplant 9 / 10

Cute Movie

Fun movie for teens! Cute characters and an entertaining story! I like the premise that the kids come from well off families but aren't rich and aren't spoiled. Their parents worked hard to get where they are and expect their kids to do the same. One works to save for college and another works to help support her beloved horse. They're good kids that sometimes make bad decisions like most typical teenagers! But, the movie keeps things light, which I like when so many teen shows and movies are too drama heavy!

Reviewed by vvqby 9 / 10

Great family night murder mystery!

The family thoroughly enjoyed this teen murder mystery with various twists and turns even to the very end. A refreshing take on life in a upper crusty side of town as various tweens try to solve a mystery before the local police jump to the wrong conclusions. Well written and non-formulaic to what Hollywood thinks the masses desire for summer time fun. I am definitely going to watch again to see what I missed in the first viewing. Highly recommend for those teenagers in the family who have become jaded with the normal murder mysteries, depicting teenagers as resourceful, determined and funny.

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