Charming Christmas


Drama / Romance

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Bruce Gray as Harold Rossman
Paul Hopkins as Daniel Botchwick
Catherine McNally as Cheryl Rossman
Ashley Leggat as Jessie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

Charming indeed

Throughout my whole Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas film completest quest undertaken namely late last year through to early this year, an interesting quest but very mixed one, there was never the mentality of expecting a classic or the film in question to be flawless. Something that was never managed with Hallmark's output. There was always the expectation of seeing a film where one can see at least some effort rather than merely cash-in level. One could see that with most of Hallmark's output but not all.

'Charming Christmas' as far as Hallmark's Christmas films go fares quite well and is definitely worth watching and remembering. It is not flawless or a classic, but have come overtime to not expect any of those things watching a Hallmark Christmas film and have always tried to not judge them too seriously. Have seen the two leads in other things and they have shown that they can be good with the right material, which they do have once 'Charming Christmas' gets going.

It is a bit slow to begin with, the set up taking a little too long and Julie Benz's character is not easy to warm to at first. Grinch-like characters are not easy to play, and the grinch-like personality here is a little too overdone.

Some of the dialogue early on is pretty ropey too, the cheese really stinking up the room. The music could have been toned down too tonally and in placement, too constant and too loud.

However, it is worth sticking with 'Charming Christmas' if in any initial doubt as to me it did get a lot better. The production values still manage to be pleasing. It's not too drab or garish in photography, the editing didn't seem rushed or disorganised and the scenery has a real charm to it. Some of the music has some pleasant nostalgic moments. The dialogue is not great to begin with but improves when the plot properly kicks in, not being too sweet and it flows at least.

Furthermore, the story is light-hearted and really warms the heart without going into over-saccharine territory. The characters were on the most part ones easy to get behind and carry the film well. The acting is well above average, with Benz being very engaging once her character became easier to warm to and expressive. Every bit as good is charming David Sutcliffe and the two have genuine and natural chemistry together. The two characters actually grow, Benz's character does become easier to warm to and Sutcliffe's is not too perfect too early. The supporting cast are good too.

Concluding, worthwhile and worth remembering if not quite a must watch. 7/10.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

bland Hallmark

Rossman's is a family store. Meredith Rossman (Julie Benz) is a driven business woman looking to take over from her parents who are concerned about her lack of personal life. Her mother hires Nick (David Sutcliffe) as the new Santa. The old Mrs. Claus costume is discovered and her mother pushes her to play the role. Window designer Jessie wants her son Tyler to spend more time with his father in the custody negotiation. With no daycare, Meredith reluctantly allows Tyler to be an elf. Her assistant Olivia is pushing everything aside to hold onto her dancing dreams.

This is a Hallmark movie and has that level of realism. It's fluff and Christmas fluff at that. This is not a real store and these are not real people. I do like Benz as an ice queen and Sutcliffe is perfectly nice to melt her heart. These are two veteran actors who can act the hell out of the longing stares. That is this movie's only essential need. The chemistry is fine and the side characters have something to do. The story does ramble around with no apparent destination. Even at a lower bar, this does struggle to clear it.

Reviewed by phd_travel 3 / 10

Dull not much story

This Hallmark Christmas movie is a bit of a yawn. It's a pity because the actors are quite good. The story isn't about very much. She wants to sell her family store to a nationwide franchise. A man who does a good Christmas store Santa comes along. Julie Benz is quite a watchable actress and she is okay as the uptight overworked woman. David Sutcliffe is usually quite good too. It wouldn't really have been that bad to sell the store and give her parents a break after all. But what is boring is between all the Santa suits it isn't just very funny or romantic. It isn't so much a lack of chemistry between the leads as the lack of a build up of romantic plot before the last few minutes and a sudden kiss.

Not worth watching.

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