Cheese in the Trap

2018 [KOREAN]


IMDb Rating 5.9 10 444

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by erikacunanan29 3 / 10

KDrama version is better.



  • Don't get me wrong. I really like the story of this webtoon (source material - I haven't read it only watched the kdrama). I just didn't like this adaptation. It made the story confusing. In the korean drama, every bit of the story was shown (especially in the first nine episodes). Here, only the major parts were shown and some weren't really connected to what was happening to the previous parts. It wasn't a coherent storyline.
  • I thought that this movie was supposed to fix the weak ending of the korean drama. However, that didn't happen. The movie just wrapped things up neatly in a bow.
  • I prefer the cast of the korean drama. The acting of the cast here was weak. All of the cast of the kdrama were great. Why didn't wait for Kim Go Eun!!!
  • The only reason that I was able to finish this is because of Park Hae Jin.
  • Beautiful cinematography though. Points for that.

SHOULD YOU WATCH IT: No. It will be much better to watch the korean drama.

Reviewed by pennyelenabooks 3 / 10

Not Good Enough

As a huge fan of Cheese in the trap, having read the webtoon and watched the drama more than once, I've been waiting for the movie to show some aspects that the drama had left out or some alternative ending, or something new at least. But, this one was a disappointment, alas. First of all, even though I'm a fan of Oh Yeon Seo, I can't say that the role suited her. Seo had her own style, had her own introverse character and she was interesting as a character overall. This version of Seo lacked those things. She was blunt and kind of boring. Then there were the Baek In siblings. They supposed to give some edge to the whole story and not to mention to create a solid second lead syndrome in a strong love triangle. However, Baek In Na was no where and her brother was just dull. Hae jin was good in his role again and probably the only reason why this one is worth watching. Because, story wise, this one was kind of a mess. Too many stories, too little time, too confusing. As for the ending, it was okay, but I've found the ending of the drama more realistic when it came to the guy's character and everything that had happened, rather than this one.

Reviewed by Fieryvee 10 / 10

Love Park Hae Jin

This is a great grab your popcorn and escape reality movie. The men are good looking and the romance is too cute! Park Hae Jin is too fine! Seriously, this movie is for you if you're a PHJ fan. If you like serious movies then this is not your movie. But if you enjoy the webtoon Cheese in the Trap well here's your movie!

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