Chernobyl: The Invisible Enemy



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vkalashnikoff 2 / 10

It's bad

Nothing about reasons, nothing about chronology, nothing about guilty. Just "omg, this is huge disaster" during 1h...

Reviewed by chuckkcash 3 / 10

What is the direction?

Some excellent footage here as another poster noted, however, none of it is in any kind of order and is often repeated. I was expecting some kind of in depth Docu but from the start it's really hard to understand where they are going with it. It's almost like they found the footage but didn't bother to put to organise it at all; it just seems random. Add to this a script that sounds like a school boy wrote it (dramatic framing, single sentences, no actual information), has no bearing on what is happening on screen and its just painful to watch.

Reviewed by arthurbcruz 9 / 10

An Example for the Future

An in-depth, concise and comprehensive account when lies inhibit the true nature of disasters. The narrator takes you on a full scale ride of the destruction of a nuclear disaster in Ukraine. It is of no small concern that, like in Japan, this must prompt governments of the world to take precaution and ameliorate pre-existing facilities and improve our renewable energies. As tenants of this Earth, strive for the endless supply of renewable energy: solar, geothermal, wind, water, nuclear. And search for other kinetic energies that may ease the burden of climate change. This is an excellent documentary that provides a miniscule portrait of what unchecked power in the wrong hands may accomplish. "Safety" strongly needs observance if we intend to reach another ten years. This excellent reporting could be a great teaching tool for executives in government, corporate and private sectors, in that it provides the few lessons learned and not the correct actions taken.

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