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Renée Zellweger as Roxie Hart
Lucy Liu as Kitty Baxter
Catherine Zeta-Jones as Velma Kelly
Dominic West as Fred Casely
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Reviewed by triple8 10 / 10

Beyond amazing-and all that jazz....

I had already written a review of this awhile ago(long since buried under many other reviews) but wanted to comment again because I was reading all the bad reviews and just couldn't believe it. Chicago is a masterpiece. Even if one doesn't like musicals or this is a type of film that doesn't appeal to them I don't see how anyone could argue on the direction and acting of this film. The fact is, there are not that many musicals that are worthy of winning an Oscar and this one was and did. It was amazingly put together from start to finish. I can see someone who doesn't like musicals maybe not liking the movie but if one just watches the movie objectively I can't see how the Dynamic dancing, singing, acting wouldn't overwhelm even the biggest skeptic. The movie managed to create a similar atmosphere to watching a Broadway show-it's really unbelievable because this movie so easily could have been awful.

Absolutely every musical number was good-most being great. There are no flaws to this movie and it was done as a movie in such a wonderfully creative way. Chicago deserves to be up in the IMDb top 250 easily.

Chicago the play, comes alive on screen as a movie, and one feels so Alive watching it. It's mood is infectious, and the dance numbers are so good, you don't want them to end.

I think Chicago was deserving of every award it got and is easily a 10 of 10. Richard Gere was robbed-should have been nominated in the best actor category. EVERYONE was just amazing. I've seen this movie 4 times now and each time love it more. I can't even imagine seeing it now on Broadway, Roxie in my mind will forever be associated with Renee Zelwegger. 10 of 10 for the movie and all the actors/actresses!

Reviewed by star4573 10 / 10


This movie is brilliantly acted and wonderfully directed. Catherine Zeta-Jones superb portrayal of saucy Velma Kelly is matched against Renee Zellweger's equally manipulative Roxie Hart. Neither of these characters is worth redeeming, but the audience will root for them anyway.

Set in Prohibition Chicago, where jazz clubs are sheik and murder is a form of entertainment, Roxie Hart (Zellweger) is on trial for her life. Enter Billy Flynn (Richard Gere) a flamboyant lawyer more interested in manipulating the press than whether his client is guilty or innocent. Also features Queen Latifah as the warden who takes care of her charges...for a price!

The musical sequences are very well done, esp "Press Room Rag" and of course the signature "All that Jazz". Also, kudos to John Reilly whose "Cellophane" solo is heartbreaking poignant.

10 of 10!

Reviewed by domoattack 10 / 10

Corruption in Prison

Roxie Hart (Renee Zellweger) is taken to prison on murder charges where she meets Velma Kelly (Catherine Zeta-Jones). The two are represented by the same attorney, Billy Flynn (Richard Gere), and both are captivated by being in the spotlight. A major theme throughout this film is corruption. Corruption of society is brought up when Fred Casely (Dominic West) lies to Roxie. It was wrong of him to lie, but it is also a highlight on just how low people will go to get what they want. Roxie was believing the lie just because she wanted to get into showbiz. The color contributes to the theme of corruption during the second song. Amos Hart (John C Reilly) was covering for Roxie, and when realizes what happened, he tells everything to the police. At this point, Roxie is bathed in a red light, representing corruption, contrasting with Amos who has blue, pure, light over him. The press conference really brought to light how corrupt everything was. The press were represented as puppets with Billy Flynn as the puppeteer. This symbolizes that he has full control of the press and they write whatever makes his clients look good. This theme can also be seen in The Shawshank Redemption, directed by Frank Darabont. Corruption takes place in the prison between bringing in contraband to illegal bookwork. This is true for Chicago as well, you notice that anything can be done for a pretty penny.

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