Chick Fight


Action / Comedy / Drama / Sport

IMDb Rating 4.1 10 935

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Bella Thorne as Olivia
Alec Baldwin as Jack Murphy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 / 10

Coconut Lady

Anna Wynncomb (Malin Akerman ) is the owner of a failing coffee shop. (Filmed in San Juan). She is depressed after it burns down. Her policewoman friend (Dulcé Sloan) takes her to an underground fight club for women. Anna finds out her mom had fought there. Circumstances causes her to have to fight Bella Thorne is 2 months and Alec Baldwin is her trainer between drinks. Bella can fight three girls at one time. Fortune Feimster made me laugh.

This is a comedy of fairly stock humor. A few lines made me laugh. There was a lot of sexual humor.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by roopesh-chandra-bose 7 / 10

Don't Take it Seriously

One of those comedies that offering a few laughs with a don't take it seriously message... I actually enjoyed this movie over many supposedly good comedies... So don't listen to the nay sayers... Instead... Use your head ...

Reviewed by chipsesq 1 / 10

What is going on in Hollywood

It is almost as if they are trying to compete for the title of worst movie EVER nowadays,Don't,just Don't wast a moment of your time "viewing" this monstrosity of a movie,unless you are pondering taking your own life,then this will help push you over the edge.

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