Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke



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Reviewed by adurojaolawale 1 / 10


Title: Chief Daddy 2: Going for broke Year: 2022

Wow... Chief daddy 2 is way worse than chief daddy 1, and I would rate chief daddy 1, a good 0.5/5.

This movie is bad... Very bad

Story line is incoherent, plot was non existent, actors were below par.

I am shocked that this came from Ebonylife studios. A star studded cast did nothing for the movie... Except make it obvious that the director Niyi Akinmolayan has no idea what he was doing.

I am also shocked that Mo Abudu is the writer.

This movie is worse than appalling

It was a waste if 1hr and 50 mins.

This is the first disaster of 2022.

If I would beg for one thing...


Rating: E better to fast than chop nonsense (-5/5)

Reviewed by Shield3d 8 / 10

Good comic relief, good past time

I literally came of night shifts and settled with this movie. If you've not seen chief daddy 2, I kindly ask, what are you waiting for? It's incredible!

It flagged off with Rahama Saadus entry which was a good continuum from the former. Her entry gave a plot to the movie, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", "If you really want something you'll find a way, If you don't, you'll find an excuse". In between these, were different shades of awesomeness, from the comical character of Famzy, to the love story between Dammy & Ada, to the embittered mum who was about to lose it all, to the sisters who had no clue how to survive, to the lawyer who got all too engrossed with the family, to the fancy locations used (big fans of travel can pick a place or 2), to the colorful African attires, and of course the new casts who understood the assignment. It was good to hear Samuel Perry's voice.

I'd say each cast had a role you could align with, some upscale from the former movie, some downscale, albeit too much for one movie. There was some discontinuity in some scenes and roles, by and large forgivable, especially with good cinematography and camera angles. All in all, there was effort, and it's a good movie for the holidays and the start of the year. The soundtrack brought back some good music!

I'll be recommending this to my colleagues and friends.

Reviewed by operaeditorsarewicked 1 / 10

Chief Daddy 2: A Movie To Avoid

I dragged myself to see Chief Daddy 2 and I must confess that's the worst way to start a new year. The movie is a total waste of time and if you're yet to see it, PLEASE DON'T. The industry needs to tender an apology to the viewers.

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