Children of Camp Blood


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.1 10 16

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by barnardbrendon 1 / 10

Complete waste of time ! Makes me embarrassed to be human !!!!

Even worse than the actors and actresses bitter poor skills and completely unconvincing performances, is the Directors complete lack of even the least basic skills of his trade which leads to total chaos leading to every scene being totally off script. The only thing standing between the director having a great career is his complete and utter lack of talent. Every person involved in this production should seriously change career , kill themselves or die for real , to prevent such an embarrassment ever being created again..

Reviewed by ianmair91 7 / 10

Mark Polonia provides "Camp Blood" fans one of the best entries in the series

A spin-off of sorts in the long-running microbudget franchise, "Children of Camp Blood" follows four young people whose lives were destroyed when various members of their family were murdered by the bloodthirsty clown killer. The youths seek the help of a kindly doctor who operates a rehab center nearby the infamous "Camp Blood." But despite reports of the killer clown being dead, the patients know this isn't true.

Mark Polonia is a frequent contributor to the series, produced by David Sterling. He produced and directed Part 3, Part 7, Ghost of Camp Blood, and now this installment. He understands this type of film very well and gives the audience exactly what they want.... some cool kills, blood and clowns! Polonia gives his films a breezy feel and with this installment I believe he provided one of the best entries in the series.

Our lead actress, Samantha Coolidge, is far and away one of the most likeable leads in the series since the very early entries. She is super relatable and makes you feel for her character. Coolidge is a very good actress and I hope to see more films from her in the future. James Kelly is also a welcome addition, providing some of the film's more endearing moments. And there is a cameo appearance from Jeff Kirkendall, and that's always a good thing.

The clown killer himself was strong in this film, boasting one of the best masks in quite some time. There were a few startling shots of the killer, especially in a tracking shot early on in the film. The locations were minimalistic but get the job done and the props and f/x were also pretty strong.

Overall, this is definitely a contender for a top three spot in the "Camp Blood" lineup. I hope Mark Polonia does many more entries in this series in the future.

Reviewed by wakezakzak-89190 3 / 10

Not Good, But Better Than Everything After The First Two Films

If you're reading this review, and you've seen the previous dozen or so films in this franchise, you should already know what you're getting into with these films. That being said, I can say there's a little more effort put in this film than some of the previous ones. It may not be much, but it's a step in the right direction.

If you haven't seen a film like this, or the previous dozen or so that came before it, let me catch you up to what you're missing. Films like this are z grade horror; they look like something you and your friends would've shot in high school because it's made cheap and quick, with acting from some people who aren't trying, and the plot overall makes no sense. The difference is this gets distributed on DVD, Blu Ray, Vimeo, and even Amazon Prime. You're probably asking who would pay to watch films like this, and why. You just got to be the type of person who enjoys watching indie filmmakers try to make something, even when its bad. And sometimes you get gems where they're so bad it's entertaining.

The Camp Blood series has been going on for about 20 years. If you ask me, the best entries in this franchise were the first and second film in 2000, along with a film titled Within the Woods in 2005. This series remained dormant for 9 years until we got Camp Blood 3: First Slaughter. From 3 onwards, the franchise detaches from the first two films, and the continuity goes haywire. Almost each subsequent film tries to go in a different direction, with little continuity to connect some of the films. Even when films are supposed to connect, the continuity is that messed up that it's not worth trying to make sense of anymore.

With this film, however, it's nice to see a writer make an attempt to connect to events and characters from previous films, even when some of the names are wrong. There is a moment where a girl recounts the story of her stepmom and her Stepmom's boyfriend Chucky were killed, yet the flashbacks from that previous film reminds us that it was Tommy, not Chucky.

To summarize what the plot of this movie is, it's basically Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning with a little bit of The Forgotten, aka Don't Look in the Basement, thrown in there. A rehabilitation center for the surviving friends and family members of victims from previous films is set in place within the Camp Blackwood area to accommodate those in need. Unfortunately for them, it looks like the supposed dead clown mask wearing killer has returned.

As mentioned before, z grade horror with little to no money to fund it. But I have to give the writer credit for trying to connect to previous films, especially with trying to make sense of a random moment from one of the previous movies that occurred that had no context whatsoever. Now with this film, that scene actually has a purpose and a reason to exist. It was just placed in the wrong film, basically.

You also have actors Samantha Coolidge and Ryan Dalton as Judy and Doctor Spanner, respectively, who go all in with their performances. In previous films, and even in this film, we've had actors who either just can't act, or are simply not even trying, like lightly jogging away from the killer, or gripping someone's shoulders as opposed to their neck. But these two actors stood out for trying to take the material as seriously as they can, given the conditions of the low production. They put energy and effort into their roles, which is something this series needs a little bit more of.

If you've seen previous entries in this franchise, you know what you're getting into, but I would say out of all of the films that have been made since this franchise's resurgence in 2014, this is probably the best one of the bunch, but that is through simple process of elimination. If you haven't seen this film and are curious to watch it, I wouldn't recommend it. But it you are into z grade horror films, and you want to check this franchise out, start from the beginning and work your way up to this. If you can't make it past the first film, you're not going to enjoy this one.

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