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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 1 / 10

Children of the Corn Runaway: By far the worst one

2018 has been a poor year, we simply haven't had very many decent movies and this latest (And hopefully last) offering from the Children of the Corn franchise hasn't helped matters.

For a movie to attain a 1/10 from me means it had no redeeming features at all and Runaway fails to tick a single box.

The plot is baffling and simply doesn't connect to the other films, the pace is an 82 minute sleeping pill and it's hard to even identify this as a Children of the Corn movie.

In fact if I didn't know any better I'd say this was a movie released that didn't do very well so they decided to add the franchise name to it to increase popularity.

At no point did it even remotely engage me, I was bored to tears and waited the entire duration of the film for something to happen or at least something to be explained.

I said several movies ago that this series needed to die, this is the final nail in the coffin.

The Good:

Absolutely nothing

The Bad:

Incredibly boring

Plot makes no sense

Doesn't feel connected to the rest of the movies at all

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

I learnt that not all brands of pain reliever will assist in removing a migraine as big as this movie caused!

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 1 / 10

Jus to hold onto the rights, they keep churning out rancid corn aft corn.

I saw this 10th part for the first time recently and what a terrible waste of time n experience i endured.

This one doesnt have anything noteworthy.

The kills are few, badly done, unnecessary n not at all have anything to do with the *ucker who walks behind the rose.

I shud pat my own back for completing the marathon of this series.

Reviewed by omendata 3 / 10

Haven't a Clu!!!

When I saw the name Gulager it reminded me of the great old actor Clu Gulager who starred alongside greats like Lee Marvin in The Killers and immediately my interest was perked when I saw his name in the cast list - sadly his son who directed this I beleive hasnt a clue how to make a horror movie.

It is as though he watched the original movie and then went on to make this which in no way has any bearing on the original - there are hardly any scenes where even corn is featured just a little girl running around and patchy flashback scenes.

Totally forgettable; when I start to wish it was all over after 30 mins then you know the film is bad and its bad - The leading actress is the only redeeming feature - sexy and she can act but that is about it and we only see Clu Gulager for a 3 minute scene - what a waste!

The last Children of the Corn remake was a hundred times better than this even though it wasnt all that good either - avoid the tedium and bypass this poor effort!

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