Chinese Hercules

1973 [CN]

Action / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 392

kung fu

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Jackie Chan as Thug
Bolo Yeung as Chiang Tai
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Reviewed by AwesomeWolf 8 / 10

He's got a crush on you!

Version: RBC entertainment (and probably bootlegged) DVD. Dub only.

Chan Wai Man is a fighter, and doesn't get along with his fiancé's brother. In fact, he accidentally kills him and runs away. He vows never to raise his fists in anger again, and finds work at a dock. The company owning the dock is down-right nasty, repeatedly cheating and abusing their workers. The workers try to fight back, but only Chan is strong enough to actually beat the company bosses and their henchmen.

If you bought a movie called "Chinese Hercules" for $8, and the cover makes out the movie to be completely about Bolo Yeung, what would you expect? I didn't expect much, but I was rather surprised. The story is pretty solid, you really feel Chan, and the fights (though not frequent) are pretty good. My only complaint would be that there isn't enough Bolo. Bolo is cool.

My only complaint is the dubbing. Sure, it is hilariously bad, but it does detract from what is otherwise a pretty good movie.


Reviewed by KingM21 6 / 10

Who doesn't love Bolo?

Since this old kung-fu flick features China's answer to Arnold, the formidable Bolo Yeung, one can only assume the title refers to him. The reason this is a bit peculiar is because Bolo is a bad guy heavy who only has about 20 or 25 minutes of screen time. Still, he made his presence known; there's nothing quite like watching multiple Chinamen who weigh 115 pounds dripping wet take on the mighty pecs that are Bolo! Yeah, surprisingly, Chinese Hercules wasn't that bad of a fight flick at all, decent plot and everything. Also stars the chubby punk who "scolded" Bruce Lee for not wearing his uniform in Enter The Dragon.

Reviewed by hottentot-1 6 / 10

Bolo vs Chen

Chinese Hercules in trailers, pictures and ads mainly show actor Bolo Yeung as the star of the film, however, he only emerges as the head henchman in the last half of the film. If you're a fan of his, I guess it's still worth the wait. He's as mono-syllabic as he was in Enter the Dragon, but he has the one great line in the film. Some reviews state that the "hero" (Chen Hui Min aka Wai-Man Chuan)kills his fiancée's brother - not quite true. It's established that the girl likes him, but not really clear what their relationship is. When she shows up later to give him some good news, she never does tell him, AND talks him into a fight that will most likely lead to his death. Being a Chen Hui Min fan, and this being the first one of his I saw, I like the film. You've got a hero with reason not to fight, placed in a situation in which he could partially redeem himself if he did; he's a stranger who steps up to help some kids, but is tortured by a promise made to himself. The bad guy is really bad and the only townspeople who can stand up to the boss face defeat if they don't have anyone backing them up. What more can you want? Most copies are washed out and tend to use a choppy version, so beware if you try to purchase one.

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