Christina P.: Mom Genes


Comedy / Documentary

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stand-up comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by backup-50362 5 / 10

lol she did not get any better

Someone tell Netflix to stop dressing female comedians in clown pants way high up above the belly, because it doesn't look good. I know the idea is to hide the body and make em seem like they have long legs, but enough with this charade already. Wear normal human clothes, not tacky realtor ones.

Anyway, LOL I wanna know how much does Netflix pay this audience to clap and cheer so hard. Those people are perfectly cherrypicked to make any terrible special seem like it made them laugh!

Because really, she burps and they clap and cheer more than when Chappelle's audience claps after an actual long and clever joke.

Imagine just going on stage and burping - the easiest thing ever - and getting claps and cheers like you just won an oscar. Well, with this audience they got her it's possible!

It's the comedy special version of when beta males with no standards compliment an ugly chick and she starts believing she's hot. (You can steal this joke Christina, have at least one good one in your routine.)

But yeah let's talk about her. I think her husband is Tom Segura which might explain why she's trying to do exactly the same edgy jokes but it's really overdone by now. Peanut allergies?

Every comedian since Ricky Gervais' Netflix special has been doing the same peanut allergy bit for the last decade. How fresh for her to still do it in 2022!

She's forcing laughs, trying to be the stereotypical female mom comedian who hates her kids, like all the others as soon as they get pregnant. No originality. Having kids isn't a character trait, someone like her who correctly says being a hoe isn't a character trait should know this.

I can't wait till it's time for the real comedians from this netflix is a joke tour or whatever. So far the first two were terrible.

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