Christmas Angel


Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 1389

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K.C. Clyde as William Price
Kari Hawker as Ashley Matthews
Bruce Davison as Nick Anderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by studioAT 5 / 10

A warm hearted surprise of a film

This is an entertaining and undemanding Christmas film that I enjoyed.

With a simple story, a strong cast giving good performances and some nice messages it was a joy to watch.

There are so many of this sort of film knocking around in the run up to Christmas that it's impossible to wade through the chaff to find the wheat, but this one I am happy to report is well worth checking out.

Reviewed by sandcrab277 5 / 10

great story lousy leading man

Right from the beginning k.c. clyde gave me the creeps ... he reeked of oil ... i was surprised to find he was the romantic lead, even worse a down to earth woman like kari hawker diaz didn't see right through him when he tried to hold her phone hostage for a date .. and as the story progressed , i knew clyde had zero moral fiber

Reviewed by Jackbv123 9 / 10

It is better to give

This is a feel good movie where the female lead, Ashley, a regular woman who at the moment happens to be struggling a bit, gets the chance to become Secret Santa. Throw in some hardship in several backstories and a budding romance, and it is hard to miss.

Take away a star for K.C. Clyde, as Will. First off, his character needed some definite refitting. Add to it that it just didn't seem like Will and Ashley had that much chemistry. For me, the only indication that there was any connection for Ashley was the fact that Nick kept selling Will to her. He says something like "you know you love him", but that wasn't obvious at all other than the fact that she had no one else.

Still, Kari Hawker was a pleasure. I just saw her for the first time today in another movie which was so bad, it's amazing I was intrigued by this actress with a fairly small and unknown filmography. She played this part perfectly in my mind. She plays as a slightly insecure woman who really doesn't want any fame, yet she doesn't oversell the insecurities. She steps into the role Nick gives her reluctantly, but she applies herself completely, and rocks it. She's easy on the eyes, but isn't particularly seductive, and I mean that in a positive way.

The epilogue was a bit lackluster even though it was generally what you'd expect.

This has a bit of a Hallmark feel to it, but all the credits point to a non-American production. It would certainly play well on the Hallmark Channel and I would love to see Keri Hawker show up there in other things.

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