Christmas at Castle Hart



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Lacey Chabert as Brooke Bennett
Sean McGinley as Liam O'Connor
Stuart Townsend as Aiden Hart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 5 / 10

Embarrassment comedy

This is a bit too silly for my taste. There is a lot of humor based on doing something embarrassing or trying to explain it away or both. The sisters are a little bit too much on the wrong side of honesty. Also constant pretending to be someone else or related to someone else. So if you like this kind of comedy, go for it.

Hiding a false identity is a common trope in rom/coms. Most of them are mostly innocent. This one is outright dishonest impersonation. Blatant deception. Again, not to my liking. You know the situation is going to get uglier and uglier and it should. I have to say that I had no idea how it was going to get resolved although you know what the final outcome will be. Of course the deception is revealed and for me, the sisters didn't deserve to be rescued, but of course they were. And the last scene is even more cream on top.

For what the movie was going for, it is well done and the acting is right to the point. Ali Hardiman is perfect as the clown and Lacy Chabert tries to walk the tightrope of sanity. With a very late start bringing the two together closely, Chabert and Stuart Townsend managed some chemistry.

There's some nice Irish scenery, snow covered in this case.

Brush up on your British title hierarchy for we get to see several levels.

Reviewed by rebekahrox 5 / 10

A Party Pooper

This was a pretty tired story not helped some problematic behavior on the part of our heroine. Lacey "Giggles" Chabert's younger sister, who is somewhat a goofball gets her self fired from a premier event planner's affair. The sister is played by Ali Hardiman, and she does a good job portraying the goofy girl. She looks like a cross between Tara Reid and Heather Mattarazzo of the Princess Diaries. She has a very expressive face. The same cannot be said of Lacey, I'm sorry to say. Unfortunately she looks like she had her forehead botoxed and something else seemed off about her cheeks as well. It is not very exaggerated, but it is enough to notice especially since Miss Muggy McRubberface is acting with her much of the time.

The two ex-waitresses are touring an Irish castle and overhear the owners lamenting that their party planner quit. The younger sister lies that she and her sister are not only party planners, but that her sister is the world renowned event planner, Paige Monahan, who is a person of color. And the one that recently fired them. When the brother and sister look up her website they are very impressed. (Isn't there a picture of her anywhere?) Lacey and her sister agree to take over. Lacey doesn't like it but the Lord his sister need help and are desperate. You know that this will not end well before it does end well (of course). The Lord and Lacey (that goes together) fall for each other. They overcome some serious challenges and manage to put on a pretty good party. The inevitable disaster occurs when the elite party planner hears that the two waitress are impersonating her and comes to Ireland to open a can of whoopa$$ on them. They do manage to get themselves forgiven, and near the end when a happy coincidence occurs, the sentence, "It's a real Christmas miracle" is actually uttered. Crazy Credits: Paul Campbell wrote this. This is your mulligan, Paul. Sean McGinley was in this. He is a very famous and respected Irish actor (Braveheart, Michael Collins, George Gently, the Republic of Doyle, Shetland, etc.)In fact, all of the actors are Irish or English, except Lacey, even the Americans.

Reviewed by aab874 10 / 10

Brooke Bennett (Lacey Chabert)

Favorite scene with

Brooke Bennett (Lacey Chabert) - Irish Dancing at the Pub with Aiden. BTW #1, My Mom's name is Brooke! BTW #2, So Dang Cool that Paul Campbell Co-Wrote this Movie! BTW #3, I Loved this movie! BTW #4, Lacey Chabert and her Family are in my Thoughts and Prayers! Love and Hugs!

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